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May 21st

Paul Köller (21-05-1889 - 15-07-1979) German composer

Paul Köller was a directmate composer.

Köller, Paul
Die Schwalbe, 1930 (1296)
dedicated to F.W. von Holzhausen

#3 vv 6 + 5

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Paul Löschl (21-05-1918 - 2003) German composer

Paul Löschl composed in all genres - direct mate, selfmate, helpmate and fairy problems - and explored many fairy conditions.

Don't be too upset if you can't solve the following selfmate, but please play through the solution:

Löschl, Paul
Die Schwalbe, 1986 (5678v)
1st Prize
Dedicated to Friedrich Chlubna

s#14 9 + 6

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Günter Glaß (21-05-1925 - 26-08-2000) German composer

Günter Glaß was a helpmate and fairy composer renowned for his Circe problems and for his series problems.
Günter Glaß wrote with Heinz Zander "Nur ein Bauer".
Let's select problems with varied stipulations and with Circe fairy condition:

Glaß, Günter
Feenschach, 1972
1st Prize
Dedicated to Hansjörg Schiegl

h=6Circe 2 + 5

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Glaß, Günter
Die Schwalbe, 1979
2nd HM

        3 + 3

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Let's finish with a help-retro:

Glaß, Günter
Die Schwalbe, 1982 (4154)
Special Commendation

(-1) & h#2Circe
b) bSe3->e6
c) -bSe3
1 + 3

Black retracts a move and then helpmate in two moves.

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Юрий Александрович Жарков (21-05-1938) Russian composer (Yuri Aleksandrovich Zharkov)

Yuri Zharkov
[ [broken link]]

According to this site from the Samara region [broken link], Yuri Zharkov's vision started to fail in the 1970s and he became completely blind in 1982. That did not prevent him from teaching chess to children, from composing chess problems, from playing and from writing books, such as "Тайна шахматной композиции" (Secrets of chess composition) and several others. In 2007 he was preparing a collection of 500 problems.

Yuri Zharkov usually favours miniatures and the following #4 can be considered as an exception:

Жарков, Юрий Александрович
ЮК Победа-50, 1995
2nd HM

#4 13 + 11

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Валерий Николаевич Барсуков (21-05-1939) Russian composer (Valery Nikolayevich Barsukov)

Valery Barsukov

Valery Barsukov is a helpmate composer and International Judge. He had successes in collaboration with Y.M.Gusev:

Барсуков, Валерий Николаевич & Гусев, Юрий Михайлович
Šahs Baltijā/Балтийские шахматы (Rīga) 1993
3rd Prize

h#3 4 + 14

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But also good problems alone:

Барсуков, Валерий Николаевич
The Problemist, 1992

h#32 solutions 3 + 8

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