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January 30th

Samuel Loyd (30-01-1841 - 10-04-1911) American composer

Samuel Loyd [Wikipedia]

Does Sam Loyd need any introduction? Please refer to the Wikipedia webpage which also quotes the famous Excelsior problem that is reproduced below.

Loyd, Samuel
The Era (London) 13th Jan 1861 (337)
2nd Prize

#5 8 + 10

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Markus Ott (30-01-1960 - 01-10-2021) Swiss composer

Markus Ott composed direct mates or fairies or proof games. Here is a sample of his art in direct mates:

Ott, Markus
3rd Prize

#4 7 + 9

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Markus Matthias Manhart (30-01-1969) German composer and FIDE Master

Markus Manhart
[Franz Pachl - Schach mit Partner]

Markus Manhart composes many problems in collaboration, especially with Franz Pachl. We have selected a work composed by him alone:

Manhart, Markus Mathias
Harmonie, 1991
1st Prize
g8, a7, e6: Grasshopper
4 + 11
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August Wilhelm Eduard Franke (30-01-1832 - 22-02-1891) German composer
Franke, August Wilhelm Eduard
Schachzeitung, 1851

#4 9 + 4

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Gyula Beck (30-01-1889 - ?) Hungarian composer

Beck, Gyula
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1925
1st HM

#2 10 + 7

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Вячеслав Семёнович Владимиров (30-01-1934) Russian composer and FIDE Master(Viacheslav Semyonovich Vladimirov)

Viacheslav Vladimirov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Владимиров, Вячеслав Семёнович
Запорізька правда 1963
1st Prize

#2 6 + 4

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Kazimierz Strzala (30-01-1939) Polish composer

Strzała, Kazimierz
Revista Română de Şah, Oct 1985
1st Prize

#2* v 11 + 9

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Ernest Haslam Harvey Jerrard (30-01-1890 - 08-11-1978) Australian composer [Thank you Dr Dowd!]

Jerrard, Ernest Haslam Harvey
The Brisbane Courier, 22nd May 1920 (2200)
1st Prize

#2* 11 + 9

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  1. Another less known photo of great Loyd:

  2. Thank you for this information. There are other photos available on the Internet:
    - one from the Library of Congress,
    - one from
    I chose that one because readers are more familiar with it.

  3. Jerrard was an Australian composer, I believe.

    1. I found two sources who give him as American:
      However, you seem to be right in your assumption that he was an Australian. The genealogical website provides information about the Jerrard family (can be found in Google cache): Ernest H.H.Jerrard lived 14 miles north of Gayndah, Queensland and died on 8th November 1978.

  4. Read, if you please, about Sam Loyd and how I discovered Chess Compositions trying to solve one of his problems (No.161 in the posted article) :