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January 24th

Eeltje Visserman (24-01-1922 – 23-03-1978) Dutch composer, Grandmaster and International Judge

Eeltje Visserman

E. Visserman was a wonderful composer who deservedly won numerous composing tourneys. He composed problems of all types, but mostly two- and threemovers. He was also the editor of a column in magazines "Tijdschrift van de KNSB" and "Probleemblad".
An anthology of his problems was published after his death: "Schaakproblemen van E. Visserman" by Albertus Marinus Koldijk, 1986.

Visserman, Eeltje
Weenink MT, 1943
4th Prize

#3 11 + 13

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Visserman, Eeltje
Feenschach, 1975

#6Circe 7 + 9

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Hugh Francis Blandford (24-01-1917 – 20-09-1981) British composer

Published Works and Notebooks by Hugh Blandford

Hugh Blandford was an endgame composer. He invented, together with Richard Guy and John Roycroft the Guy-Blandford-Roycroft (GBR) code for classifying studies.
More about this composer in the British Chess News.
His best known endgame is the following:

Blandford, Hugh Francis
Springaren, 1949

+ 3 + 2

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But he also composed spectacular direct mates:

Blandford, Hugh Francis
FIDE-Turnier, 1957
3rd Prize

#4 7 + 13

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Visvaldis M. Veders (24-01-1921 - 11.05.1997) Latvian composer

Visvaldis M. Veders
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Visvaldis M. Veders composed his first problem at the age of 12 (source). During the 70s he was the editor of the chess composition column in the chess magazine Šahs.

Veders, Visvaldis M.
Wstretscha Solidarnosti, 1973
1st Prize

#2* 7 + 14

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Ernst Schulz (24-01-1904 - 17-05-1986) German composer

Schulz, Ernst
Dortmunder Zeitung, 1937
1st Prize

#3 4 + 3

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Владимир Петрович Сычёв (24-01-1936 - 20-09-2021) Belarusian composer and FIDE Master(Vladimir Petrovich Sychov)

Vladimir Sychov
Александр О.Никитин, 2012]

Сычёв, Владимир Петрович
Московский конкурс 2006
2nd Prize

#3 8 + 5

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