Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 18th

Jean de Villeneuve-Esclapon (18-01-1860 - 24-11-1943) French composer

Jean de Villeneuve-Esclapon [Heritage Echecs]

Biographical details can be found on this French site, where the photograph comes from, or on the new French chess problem site Problemiste here and here.

His best know endgame study is the 1st prize in Schweizerische Schachzeitung 1923, but the following draw study is also stimulating for the solver:

De Villeneuve-Esclapon, Jean
Rigaer Tageblatt, 1909
4th Prize

= 4 + 3

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Hans Hilmar Staudte (18-01-1911 - 21-01-1979) German composer and player

Dr. Hans-Hilmar Staudte
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Hans Hilmar Staudte was a very strong player (some of his games here and more here) and chess composer. He also wrote several books about chess endings "Das 1×1 des Endspiels" with Milu Milescu in 1965, "Richtig und falsch" with Kurt Richter in 1962, "Aus der Welt der Schachstudie" alone in 1961.
He was also International Judge in chess composition.

Staudte, Hans Hilmar
Schach-Echo, 1971

h#23 solutions
6 + 5

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Andrzej J. Lewandowski (18-01-1937) Polish composer and FIDE Master

Andrzej composes rarely, but his works are ambitious, as you may soon realize if you manage to solve the study below (or if you click on "Show solution" and replay the whole solution):

Lewandowski, Andrzej J.
The Problemist 1990- 1991 (E555)
3rd Prize

= 6 + 6

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Олександр Борисович Постніков (18-01-1937 - 28-04-2011) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Oleksandr Borisovich Postnikov)

Постніков, Олександр Борисович
The Problemist, 1994
2nd-3rd Prize

#4 11 + 13

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The attentive reader will of course remember the fairy twomover he composed in collaboration with Anatoly Khandurin in 1993.
Here is another problem with homogeneous variations that show another facet of his talent:

Постніков, Олександр Борисович
Buletin Problemistic 1992- 1993 (2388)
2nd Prize

h#2b) Move a6 g7
c) Move h7 a7
d) Move h7 h4
3 + 9
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Ladislav Salai jr. (18-01-1961) Slovak composer and Grand Master and solver

Ladislav Salai jr., Modra 2008 [V. Kotesovec]

He is the son of composer Ladislav Salai sr. and a renowned composer of cyclic problems (see Cyclone by Peter Gvozdjak).
He is also a Grand Master in Solving.

Salai, Ladislav Jr.
UV CSTV - V.Pachman & J.Fritz MT, 1985
1st Prize

#4 6 + 13

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  1. Staudte also has a wikipedia page!


  2. Ladislav Salai jr. has been International solving grandmasters of the FIDE since 2011. I wish him to be in a short time Grandmasters of the FIDE for chess compositions, too.

    1. Indeed it won't be long until Ladislav Salai jr. gets the GM title for composing, at his current rate of 25 points per album (25.24 points in FIDE Album 2010-2012 http://www.wfcc.ch/fide-albums/fa1012sl/fa1012/)