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January 26th

Сергій Миколайович Ткаченко (26-01-1963) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Sergey Mikolayovich Tkachenko)

Not to be confounded with Сергій Іванович Ткаченко.

Сережа Ткаченко

Ткаченко, Сергій Миколайович
Фестиваль «Бровары-87» 1987
1st Prize, TT

+ 5 + 4

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George P. Sphicas (26-01-1947) American composer and International Master in composition

G.P. Sphicas is the king of seriesmovers. Let's have a look at a typical problem of his:

Sphicas, George P.
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1991
1st Prize

Ser-s=20 5 + 4

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Виталий Владимирович Мединцев (26-01-1974) Russian composer and International Master (Vitaly Vladimirovich Medintsev)

Vitaly Medintsev

Vitaly Medintsev is a helpmate composer. His excellent personal website can be found here in Russian and English version (thank you for that!). Biographical details can be found here and his favourite problems here.

Мединцев, Виталий Владимирович
A.Kirichenko-50 JT, 2005
1st-2nd Prize

h#22 solutions 3 + 9

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Мединцев, Виталий Владимирович
Schach, 2004
1st Prize

h#22 solutions 13 + 11

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Marco Crucioli (26-01-1942 - 27-05-2015) Italian composer

Enciclopedia degli Scacchi in Italia [broken link]
Mario Crucioli is a chemist, disciple of Umberto Castellari.

Crucioli, Marco
Sinfonie Scacchistiche, 1970
4th HM

#2* 9 + 9

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Simadibrata Yanuarta (26-01-1944) Indonesian composer 

Let's welcome the first Indonesian problemist of our blog with a very nice twomover:

Yanuarta, Simadibrata
Magyar Sakkélet, 1991
1st Prize

#2 7 + 11

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Karl Werner Kettner (26-01-1908 - 03-05-1942) German composer

Kettner, Karl Werner
BCF 015. Ty.

r#2 7 + 6

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