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January 1st

Jean Roche (01-01-1952) French composer

Roche, Jean
Themes 64

r#2                 8 + 7

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Ljubomir Ugren (01-01-1940) Slovenian composer

Ugren, Ljubomir LP 1/1984

h#2         7 + 6
4 .1.1.1

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Заїжджай, Олександр Іванович (01-01-1963) Ukrainian composer (Oleksandr Iivanovich Zayizhdzhaj)

Заїжджай, Олександр Іванович
Проблемист Прибужья-5, 13th Nov 1990 (391)  Comm.

s#5                                   5 + 2

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Марсил Халикович Гафаров (01-01-1936 - 16-10-1975) Russian composer (Marsil Khalikovich Gafarov)

Marsil Gafarov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Gafarov was a very talented composer who excelled in all genres, but he didn't send his problems to the FIDE Album, which explains why he gained no title. Odette Vollenweider wrote about Gafarov in the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of Mat Plus Review.
We have inserted a sample of his problems to illustrate his talent:

Гафаров, Марсил Халикович
Komandnoe Pervenstvo, 1968
1st Place

#2vvv  10 + 9

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Гафаров, Марсил Халикович
Ленінська зміна (Харків) 1965
1st Prize

S#2  9 + 12

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Training for solvers:

Гафаров, Марсил Халикович
Шахматы в СССР 1957
1st Prize

#2  10 + 6

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Miklós Hanzli (01-01-1950) Hungarian composer

Miklós Hanzli

Hanzli, Miklós
Pedagogusok Lapja, 1977

#2 vvv  9 + 1

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Юрий Иванович Землянский (01-01-1938 - 07-03-2017) Russian composer (Yuri Ivanovich Zemlyansky)

Yuri Zemlyansky
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Yuri Zemlyansky is an endgame studies composer.

Землянский, Юрий Иванович
Kralin-55 JT, 2000
2nd-5th Prize

+  7 + 7

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Marian Wróbel (01-01-1907 - 25-04-1960) Polish composer and International Master

Marian Wróbel
[Revista Romana de Sah 2/1948]

Marian Wróbel composed mostly direct movers in classical style, but also some heterodox problems. He published his first problem at the age of 15.

Wróbel, Marian
Parallèle 50, 1947
1st Prize

#3  8 + 12

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Seth Liljestrand (01-01-1909 - 08-07-1999) Finnish composer

Seth Liljestrand

Seth Liljestrand composed mostly direct movers but also endgame studies. A selection of his studies can be found on this ARVES page.

Liljestrand, Seth
Tschepurnoff 100 MT, 1972
2nd Prize

#3  12 + 5

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Edvard Johannes Gabriel af Hällström (01-01-1878 - 14-07-1957) Finnish composer

Edvard af Hällström

Edvard af Hällström was a forester born in Helsingfors (Helsinki). You can find a selection of his studies on this ARVES page.
He composed endgames, direct mates and selfmates.
He was the grandson of the scientist Gustaf Gabriel Hällström.

Af Hällström, Edvard Johannes Gabriel
Helsingin Sanomat, 3 Nov 1956

s#7  10 + 4

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