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June 5th

Михаил Николаевич Платов (05-06-1883 - 1938) Russian composer (Mikhail Nikolayevich Platov)

The Platov brothers
["64" 24/1928 page 10]

The Platov brothers (Vasily and Mikhail) were two Latvian endgame study composers who followed Troitzky's steps. Vasily was celebrated on March 24th, now it is Mikhail's turn. Please refer to the post March 24th.

Iosif Schlarko (05-06-1890 - 04-07-1947) Hungarian-Romanian composer

Iosif Schlarko
[Revista Română de Șah 1/1948 page 4]

Iosif Schlarko mostly composed fairy problems and was the fairy editor of the "Revista de Sah".
He also composed direct mates and studies. You can find a short obituary in Revista Română de Șah 1/1948 with 8 of his problems.
He also held the chess column of "Temesvari Hirlap" and discovered the composer Izabella Keller.

Schlarko, Iosif
Die Schwalbe, 1934
1st Prize

s#4Maximummer 5 + 5

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Armand Lapierre (05-06-1899 - 24-01-1968) French composer

Armand Lapierre
[Thèmes 64 25/1962 page 386]

Armand Lapierre was the president of the French Problemists Association. He was presented in an article published in Thèmes 64 25/1962 pages 386-387.
He is renowned for this particularly clear presentation of mutually exclusive castlings:

Lapierre, Armand
Themes 64, 1959
4th HM

#2 7 + 7

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Luigi Vitale (05-06-1924 - 17-05-2003) Italian composer

Luigi Vitale composed direct mates and helpmates.

Vitale, Luigi
The Problemist, 2001 (H2448)
3rd HM

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2 + 7

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Petrache C. Popa (05-06-1930) Romanian composer

Petrache Popa composes direct mates.

Popa, Petrache C.
Revista Română de Şah, 1984

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Harmut Laue (05-06-1951) German composer and International Master

Hartmut Laue, 2007
[Die Schwalbe]

Hartmut Laue is a direct mate and selfmate composer.

Laue, Hartmut
Schach-Echo, 1980
2nd Prize, 1980-1981

s#3 12 + 10

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