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June 4th

Karl Alfred Stahl (04-06-1864 - 09-09-1892) Swedish composer

Karl Alfred Stahl did not have a long life, but composed notable direct mate problems. For instance this one:

Stahl, Karl Alfred
Illustrated American, 1892
1st Prize

#3 11 + 11

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Эрнест Левонович Погосянц (04-06-1935 - 15-08-1990) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Ernest Levonovich Pogosyants)

Ernest Pogosyants

Ernest Pogosyants was the most prolific endgame study composers, with more than 1,700 units. In total he composed more than 6,000 problems and studies.
You may read his article in EG 56, June 1978, about Castling in studies.
Tim Krabbe wrote a review of "A (First) Century of Studies", in which John Roycroft presents a first batch of 100 endgame studies by Pogosyants, and some appreciative words about Pogosyants' work in his chess diary ("Pogosyants' sleepless nights").
Here are two of his many quotable studies:

Погосянц, Эрнест Левонович
Themes 64, 1977 (3185)
3rd Prize

+ 4 + 8

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Погосянц, Эрнест Левонович
Problemista, 1964
2nd Prize

+ 4 + 4

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Александр Артемович Манвелян (04-06-1946 - 21-06-2015) Armenian composer and FIDE Master (Aleksandr Artemovich Manvelyan)

Aleksandr Manvelyan

Aleksandr Manvelyan was one of Armenia's finest study composers and made several elegant examples of positional draws.

Manvelyan, Aleksandr
Kasparjan MT 2010
6th Prize

= 6 + 5

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