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June 12th

Amar Nath. Bhattacharji (12-06-1885 - ?) Indian composer

A.N.Bhattacharji composed the following block threemover:

Bhattacharji, Amar Nath.
The Chess Amateur, 1923

#3  5 + 2

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Ян (Яков) Петрович Урсегов (12-06-1934) Russian composer (Yan [Yakov] Petrovich Ursegov)

Yan Ursegov
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Yakov Ursegov is a twomover composer.

Урсегов, Яков Петрович
Шахматная Москва 1971
1st Prize

#2  8 + 9

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Микола Іванович Нагнибіда (12-06-1939 - 19-03-2005) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Ivanovich Nagnibida)

Mikola Nagnibida
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Mykola Ivanovich Nagnibida was a direct mate, selfmate and helpmate composer.
You can check the changed play of this selfmate in 2, or have a look at this well constructed helpmate:

Нагнибіда, Микола Іванович
die Schwalbe, 1997 (9844)
1st Prize

7 + 12

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Araz Alməmmədov (12-06-1971) Azerbaidjani composer (Araz Almammadov)

Araz Almammadov

Araz Almammadov is an excellent solver (solving IM) and currently works as a chess trainer. He started composing in 1988 and is a proficient composer with a vast array of expertise: he composes direct mates, studies, helpmates or selfmates.

Here is a charming miniature with a good try:

Alməmmədov, Araz
Olimpiya dünyası (826) 2012
Special Prize, miniature

5 + 2

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