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June 12th

Amar Nath. Bhattacharji (12-06-1885 - ?) Indian composer

A.N.Bhattacharji composed the following block threemover:

Bhattacharji, Amar Nath.
The Chess Amateur, 1923

#3  5 + 2

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Ян (Яков) Петрович Урсегов (12-06-1934) Russian composer (Yan [Yakov] Petrovich Ursegov)

Yan Ursegov
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Yakov Ursegov is a twomover composer.

Урсегов, Яков Петрович
Шахматная Москва 1971
1st Prize

#2  8 + 9

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Микола Іванович Нагнибіда (12-06-1939 - 19-03-2005) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Ivanovich Nagnibida)

Mikola Nagnibida
Mikola Nagnibida
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Mykola Ivanovich Nagnibida was a direct mate, selfmate and helpmate composer.
He explored many facets of the Bukovina theme in helpmate: see examples in the Wikipedia article dedicated to the Bukovina theme. The definition of the theme is the following: in the diagram position, a square adjacent to the black king is guarded by a white piece. Black captures that piece and then blocks the square which has become unguarded.
More details about Mykola Nagnibida can be read on Wikipedia in Ukrainian.

You can check the changed play of this selfmate in 2, or have a look at this well constructed helpmate:

Нагнибіда, Микола Іванович
die Schwalbe, 1997 (9844)
1st Prize

7 + 12

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Araz Alməmmədov (12-06-1971) Azerbaidjani composer (Araz Almammadov)

Araz Almammadov

Araz Almammadov is an excellent solver (solving IM) and currently works as a chess trainer. He started composing in 1988 and is a proficient composer with a vast array of expertise: he composes direct mates, studies, helpmates or selfmates.

Here is a charming miniature with a good try:

Alməmmədov, Araz
Olimpiya dünyası (826) 2012
Special Prize, miniature

5 + 2

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