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June 24th

Arthur Robert Baker Charlick (24-06-1875 - 06-06-1910) Australian composer

Arthur Charlick composed direct mates and selfmates. He was a prominent Australian composer of the beginning of the 20th century.

Charlick, Arthur Robert Baker
Western Daily Mercury, 1909
1st Prize

#2  10 + 11

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Charlick, Arthur Robert Baker
Melbourne Leader, 1905

s#2  10 + 13

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Francisco Benkö (24-06-1910 - 11-01-2010) German-Argentinian composer

Francisco Benkö, 2005

Let's quote Wikipedia:
"Francisco (Franz) Benkö was the longest living member of the Schwalbe, joining in 1928, and honorary member from 2009 until his death on 11 January 2010 in Buenos Aires. He built a collection of 30,000 compositions. When Benkö lived in Germany, he was acquainted with a few famous composers, including Ado Kraemer, Erich Zepler and Eduard Birgfeld. He also was a friend of Wolfgang Heidenfeld."
Other details can be found in die Schwalbe Personalia August 2007.
His favourite problem was not his 4th Prize in Loyd MT 1961 but the following threemover:

Benkö, Francisco
The British Chess Magazine, 1950

#3  6 + 5

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Ján Krajňák (24-06-1965) Slovak composer

Ján Krajňák composes direct mates and selfmates.

Krajňák, Ján
Pravda, 1982 (1389)

#2 v  10 + 7

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