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June 27th

Paavo Visa Kivi (27-06-1905 - 28-10-1995) Finnish composer and FIDE Master

Paavo Kivi

Visa Kivi was a chess player, an International Judge and Finland's most distinguished endgame composer - at least until Pauli Perkonoja.
You may see one didactic endgame of his here.

Kivi, Paavo Visa
Kivi JT, 1981
6th Prize

+ 4 + 4

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Władysław Rosolak (27-06-1936 - 09-02-2006) Polish composer

Władysław Rosolak

Władysław Rosolak was a composer of threemovers or of selfmates in three. Between 1973-83 he was the editor of the problem column of "Szachy" magazine. He also judged the Wola Gulowska composing tourney and became International Judge in 1971.

An example of block selfmate in three can be seen here, but here is another, better one:

Rosolak, Władysław
Israel Problemists Association-10 JT, 1956
1st Prize

s#3 8 + 6

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Mikhail Satanovsky (27-06-1947) Ukrainian-American composer

Mikhail Satanovsky is a direct mate composer.
He often composes in collaboration with L.Lyubashevsky, as for instance this amazing #5 awarded in StrateGems 2009.

Satanovsky, Mikhail
StrateGems, 2005

#3 10 + 9

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Игорь Константинович Авраменко (27-06-1950) Russian composer (Igor Konstantinovich Avramenko)

Igor Avramenko is a direct mate composer.

Авраменко, Игорь Константинович & Марандюк, Михаил Назарович
Schach (magazine) Apr 1973

#2* v 8 + 6

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Олександр Петрович Скриннік (27-06-1956 - 14-11-2009) Ukrainian composer (Oleksandr Petrovich Skrinnik)

Oleksandr Skrinnik too is a direct mate composer.

Скриннік, Олександр Петрович & Сизоненко, Віктор Миколайович
The Problemist
1st HM

#2* v 7 + 9

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Андрій Валерійович Новіков (27-06-1971) Ukrainian composer (Andryi Valeryovich Novikov)

Finally, Andryi Novikov is also a direct mate composer.

Новіков, Андрій Валерійович
Всероссийский конкурс 110 лет В.И.Ленину 1980
3rd Prize

#2* v 7 + 7

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