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June 3rd

Imre Telkes (03-06-1896 - 1944) Hungarian composer

Imre Telkes

Imre Telkes composed mostly direct movers and helpmates.

Telkes, Imre
Arbeidermagasinet, 1935
1st Prize

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Telkes, Imre
BCF 011. Ty. 1932
1st Prize

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Richard Schattner (03-06-1904 - 17-07-1973) German composer

Richard Schattner composed direct mates.

Schattner, Richard
Pfälzisches Problemturnier, 1951
1st Prize

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Ľudovít Lehen (03-06-1925 - 12-05-2014) Slovak composer and FIDE Master

Ľudovít Lehen, 2008[Wikipedia]

Juraj Lörinc wrote the following lines about Ľudovít Lehen on Mat Plus forum, upon his death:
"As a composer, he was predominantly author of twomovers, first orthodox, then mostly fairies, often in collaboration with Juraj Brabec, sometimes with other people. He liked composing helpmates too and then whatever was needed in WCCT for Czechoslovak or Slovak teams. In recent years he devoted a lot of composing energy to his invention Pongracz Circe."
For biographical information and links about this composer, please consult the Wikipedia webpage.

Lehen, Ľudovít
Szachy, 1978
4th Prize

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Yoav Ben-Zvi (03-06-1957 - 31-12-2020) Israeli composer

Yoav Ben-Zvi composed in all genres, but mostly retro problems, helpmates and direct mates.
The best examples of his retro problems can be found in his 6-problem selection for WCCI 2016-2018, with the author's own comments.
You can also read his obituary in German here by Thomas Brand.

Ben-Zvi, Yoav
Israel Ring Tourney, 2013
Special Commendation

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