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June 23rd

Héctor Guillermo Zucal (23-06-1920 - 04-2004) Argentinian composer

Héctor Zucal was chess player and a helpmate and fairy composer. He was renowned for his serial helpstalemates.

Zucal, Héctor Guillermo
Mirador, Jun 2004 (i018)

Ser-h=17 12 + 12

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Zucal, Héctor Guillermo
Ajedrez Mágico, Apr 1970 (15/570)

ser-h=21 10 + 6

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Louis Scotti (23-06-1922 - ?) French composer

Louis Scotti was a twomover composer who became International Judge in 1959. He also composed retro problems, such as this twomover with retro contents or long helpmates in collaboration with Roméo Bedoni (for instance this h#5 with AUW)  but he already composed helpmates in the 1950s:

Scotti, Louis
FIDE T, 1956

6 + 8

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Scotti, Louis
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1954
2nd Prize

#2 10 + 13

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Елисей Кондратьевич Лебёдкин (23-06-1936 - 04-07-1994) Russian composer (Elisey Kondratyevich Lebyodkin)

Elisey Lebyodkin is a direct mate composer.

Лебёдкин, Елисей Кондратьевич
Die Schwalbe, 1974
2nd Prize

#2 9 + 8

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Іван Васильович Токар (23-06-1948) Ukrainian composer (Ivan Vasilovich Tokar)

Ivan Tokar composes mostly direct mates.

Токар, Іван Васильович
Revista Română de Şah, 1972

#2* 5 + 6

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Fébus Hirsch Fraenkel (23-06-1906 - 14-09-1968) Austrian-Polish-French composer

Fébus Hirsh Fraenkel, 55

Fébus Fraenkel composed in all genres, but mostly direct mates. Between 1922-1924 he published many problems in some obscure Austrian and Polish newspapers, and starting from 1929 he published his works in specialized magazines such as Die Schwalbe. His idol was K.A.L. Kubbel.
More information about him on this page. Jean Bertin published an anthology of his problems in 1984.

Fraenkel, Fébus Hirsh
Special Prize
Die Schwalbe, 1931

#3 10 + 10

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