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June 13th

Hugo Knuppert (13-06-1920 - 28-04-2007) Danish composer and FIDE Master

Hugo Knuppert

Hugo Knuppert was a direct mate composer. A compilation of his best problems, "Hugo Knupperts bedste skakopgaver" was published in 1996 (authors: Kaare Vissing Andersen & Hugo Knuppert).

Knuppert, Hugo
Die Schwalbe, 1962
1st Prize

#2 v 10 + 9

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Леонид Николаевич Бородатов (13-06-1947) Ukrainian composer (Leonid Nikolayevich Borodatov)

Leonid Borodatov composes in all genres, with a weakness for problems with some retro contents.
In Chessics 27 one can read Leonid Borodatov's article "Going up - Lifts to all Floors!"(pg 133) which consists in 6 problems whose solutions can be found in Chessics 29 (pg.164).
Another problem can be found with its solution in the Retro Corner.

Here is a typical moremover by Borodatov:

Бородатов, Леонид Николаевич
Шах-М (Боровичи) 1989 (25/)

#4 6 + 1

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Ian Leslie Shanahan (13-06-1962 - 27-08-2021) Australian composer

Ian Shanahan

Ian Shanahan was doubly a composer: in music and in problem chess. His specialties were (sometimes fairy) twomovers and seriesmovers. Plenty of information about him, as well as 6 problems (do not miss his sh=18, 2nd Prize in the US Problem Bulletin 1994), can be found on , the unquestionable source about Australian chess problems. And more in this obituary.

Shanahan, Ian
Variant Chess, 1993
2nd Prize

ser-h#11 2 + 5

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