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June 26th

Hans Michael Erdenbrecher (26-06-1909 - 03-08-1990) German composer

Hans Michael Erdenbrecher
[Die Schwalbe Fragebogen 1960 page 27]

Hans Michael Erdenbrecher composed mainly three- and moremovers. In 2005 (2007 2nd edition) was published "Hans Michael Erdenbrecher: Ein Nicht Vergessener Problemkomponist Aus Mittlefranken : Eine Kleine Auswahl Seiner Probleme und Schachaufgaben," a 24-page compilation by Rudolf Glenk.

Erdenbrecher, Hans Michael
Die Schwalbe, Feb 1972
1st Prize

#3 4 + 6

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Tibor Ébend (26-06-1911 - 12-08-1951) Hungarian composer

Ébend, Tibor
Rakéta, 1941
1st Prize

#2 8 + 12

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Paul Quindt (26-06-1901 - 13-02-1961) German composer

Not much information was available about Paul Quindt, but the two following problems are more than eloquent:

Quindt, Paul
DSB, 1942

#4 5 + 2

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Quindt, Paul
Die Schwalbe, 1954
7th HM

h#32 solutions 3 + 3

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Fritz Loepert (26-06-1922 - 08-01-1995) Brazilian composer

Fritz Loepert
[O problemista]

Fritz Loepert published his chess problems in his only book, "Mate 1982" in 1982. Some of them certainly deserve to be quoted more often. A short biography (in Portuguese) used to be found on the website of the Brazilian Problemists (webmaster: Leo Mano - now Broken Link). Now some information about Fritz Loepert is available on this blog (thanks to Peter Krug for the tip).

Löepert, Fritz
Mate, 1982

#4 9 + 10

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Loepert's favourite stipulation was selfmate.

Löepert, Fritz
Mate, 1982

s#5* 6 + 7

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Wolfgang Unzicker (26-06-1925 - 20-04-2006) German o.t.b. Grandmaster

Wolfgang Unzicker, although he seems not to have composed any endgame study, was nonetheless granted the title of International Judge for endgame studies in 1958.
Did he compose any study?

František Richter (26-06-1913 - 19-08-1971) Czech composer and International Master

František Richter composed studies and problems (direct mates, selfmates). His style in studies can remind that of Jindrich Fritz.
His obituary was published in Šachové umění, November 1971.
Here is a rather simple study to begin with:

Richter, František
«64» 1929 (384)
3rd Honorable Mention

+  5 + 4

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And a Bohemian problem with a shorter stipulation, but more exacting for the solver:

Richter, František
K.Traxler MT, 1937
6th Prize

#3  7 + 6

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  1. Fritz Loepert is mysterious. Too bad that nothing has been published about his life.
    I found a website on the Internet: