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June 20th

Horacio L. Musante (20-06-1917) Argentinian composer

Horacio Musante
Problem, November 1957
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Problems by Horacio Musante can be seen on the website of Argentinian composers
He composed about 250 problems, of which 15 entered the FIDE Album. He was also an International Judge and collaborated with A. Ellerman at the magazine "Caissa".

Musante, Horacio L.
Bulletin Ouvrier des Echecs, 1950

#2 v 7 + 5

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You may see here one of Musante's Zagoruikos, but this one is interesting and very clear:

Musante, Horacio L.
Probleemblad, 1956
1st Prize

#2* v 9 + 12

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Vladimir Kos (20-06-1928 - 02-07-2007) Czech composer and FIDE Master

Vladimir Kos was a composer of Bohemian problems, especially threemovers, and an International Judge. Let's see some of his 3ers:

Kos, Vladimír
Československý šach, Apr 1967 (60)
2nd Prize

#3 6 + 12

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Kos, Vladimír
Šachové umění 1984
1st-2nd Prize

#3 5 + 8

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Kos, Vladimír
Memor.K.Traxlera, 1966
1st Prize

#3 8 + 10

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Валентин Володимирович Лук'янов (20-06-1947 - 25-06-1995) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Valentin Volodimirovich Lukyanov)

Valentin Lukyanov
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Лук'Янов, Валентин Володимирович
Магаданский комсомолец 1986
1st Prize

#2 6 + 10

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Мирон Гнатына (20-06-1939) Ukrainian composer (Miron Gnatyna)

Miron Gnatyna (right)
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Гнатина, Мирон
Шаховий Леополіс 2007

#3  4 + 3

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Николай Геннадьевич Рябинин (20-06-1958) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Nikolay Gennadevich Ryabinin)

Nikolay Ryabinin

Nikolay Ryabinin is an endgame study composer. The selection of his high quality output that can be found on the ARVES website is a must see.

Рябинин, Николай Геннадьевич
Fokin-90 JT 2015
1st prize

+  5 + 5

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Joose Norri (20-06-1971) Finnish composer and solver

K. Karhunen, Joose Norri and Jorma Paavilainen

Joose Norri is an excellent solver who rarely composes chess problems. However his ideas are often original and he likes the surprising manoeuvre of the hideaway.

Norri, Joose
Y.Gruengard MT, 2002
5th HM

h#2.5b) wBh3->d3 8 + 11

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