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June 25th

Izidor Gross (25-06-1866 - 1942) Croatian-Hungarian composer

Isidor Gross
Source: Hans Schaffer,
"Internationale Galerie moderner Problem-Komponisten", Wien, 1930

Izidor Gross was a chessplayer and writer. He was one of the founders of the Karlovac chess club and the organizer of the 1912 Karlovac chess tournament. He was the prolific author of books about chess and chess problems, among which "Karlovčkog međunarodnog šahovskog turnira god. 1912" (1913). In 1909 he wrote the first Croatian book on chess with the title "Šahovska abeceda" (Chess Alphabet). He composed direct mates, with some incursions in helpmates.

Gross, Izidor
Népszava, 1929
1st Prize

#2*  10 + 11

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Cornelis Groeneveld (25-06-1922 - 14-11-2005) Dutch composer and FIDE Master

Cornelis Groeneveld was a twomover composer.
In Thema Danicum 100, Henk Prins commented on his problem composed with C.Groeneveld, 2nd Prize in Reformatorisch Dagblad, 1991: it shows a triple Schiffmann with tries and changed mates and is worth a look. Here is another noteworthy problem:.

Groeneveld, Cornelis
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, Dec 1957
1st Prize

#2* v 9 + 8

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László Ányos (25-06-1932 - 23-06-2018) Hungarian composer

László Ányos

László Ányos was a helpmate composer and International Judge.
In 2010 he wrote "Caissa mostohagyermekei".

Ányos, László
Schach-Echo, 1988
2nd Prize

h#2 6 + 8

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Zvonimir Hernitz (25-06-1937) Croatian composer and FIDE Master

Zvonimir Hernitz, Piran 1958
Sitting: Zvonimir Hernitz, Fadil Abdurahmanović, Zdravko Maslar, Tomislav Petrović;
Standing: Vjekoslav Miletović, Vladimir Birek, Jan Hannelius, Walther Jørgensen, Helmer Ternblad, Bror Larsson, David Hjelle, Alexander Popovski

Zvonimir Hernitz has been an International Judge since 1958 and composes in many genres. Here is an example in helpmate:

Hernitz, Zvonimir
Problem Observer, 1980
1st Prize

h#2b) wKh8->e8
c) wPd6->b4
d) bSe3->g5
7 + 14

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Владимир Кузмичёв (25-06-1962) Russian composer (Vladimir Viktorovich Kuzmichov)

Vladimir Kuzmichov
[Thanks to Rainer Staudte]

Vladimir Kuzmichov is a lawyer from Arkhangelsk who composes direct mates (preferably threemovers). He favours problems and studies with minimal
material on both sides and wrote a book "Shahmatnye zadachi i etyudy,
(Arkhangelsk, 1995) about such problems. In 2009 he also held a lecture at the Rio de Janeiro congress: it was entitled "Trio in Rio" and concerned with problems and studies with three pieces.

Кузмичёв, Владимир
Schach-Aktiv, 1988
3rd Prize

#3 8 + 2

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Кузмичёв, Владимир
Фестиваль «Одесса-85» 1985
Special Prize

#3 5 + 4

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Dragan Stojnić (25-06-1976) Serbian composer and Grandmaster

Dragan Stojnić

Dragan Stojnić (Wikipedia page) is a versatile chess composer (GM since 2020) specialized in orthodox two-movers with aesthetic thematic (Bristol) and even surprising retro motivations.

Stojnić, Dragan
Liga Problemista TT, 2004
2nd Place

#2 vvvv 12 + 9

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