Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22nd

Paul Charles Morphy (22-06-1837 - 10-07-1884) American chess champion and composer

Paul Morphy

Paul Morphy is the unique champion who beat almost all European chess masters, returned to the United States and retired from chess. But he is also the composer of this trifle:

Morphy, Paul Charles
New York Clipper, 1856

#2 3 + 4

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János Buglos (22-06-1923) Hungarian composer

János Buglos
János Buglos composes in many genres, but mainly direct mates.

Buglos, János
The Problemist, 1990
1st Prize

#2 11 + 11

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Buglos, János
Sakkélet, 1990 (10/5544)
2nd-3rd Prize

#3 12 + 7

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Ljubomir Anastasov (22-06-1940) Macedonian composer

L. Anastasov
[Thanks to Bosko Miloseski]

Anastasov, Ljubomir
Schach-Echo, 1976
2nd Prize

h#22 solutions
6 + 14

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Leonid Makaronez (22-06-1948) Israeli composer and International Master

(from left to right)
Leonid Lubashevski, Leonid Makaronez, Paz Einat, 2009
[Paz Einat]

Leonid Makaronez is a well-known direct mate composer. He seems to enjoy composing problems in collaboration, with Semion Shifrin, L. Lyubashevsky, Mikhail Marandyuk .

Makaronez, Leonid
The British Chess Magazine
1st Prize, ex aequo

#4 13 + 11

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Makaronez, Leonid
Thema Danicum, 2004

#4 10 + 11

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Леонид Владимирович Ярош (22-06-1957) Russian composer
(Leonid Vladimirovich Yarosh)

Leonid Yarosh is the author of the first orthodox direct mate Babson task. The 'clean' version (captureless key) can be found below:

Ярош, Леонид Владимирович
Шахматы в СССР 1983
1st Prize

#4 16 + 8

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