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November 7th

Miroslav Havel (07-11-1881 - 08-07-1958) Czech composer and Grandmaster

Miroslav Havel

Miroslav Havel (Miroslav Košťál) composed Bohemian problems with a high degree of mastery and artistry. You can judge by yourself by the selfmate reproduced on Wikipedia.
He edited the chess column of newspaper "Čas" (1920-1923) and was honoured by the publication of 500 of his problems in "Bohemian Garnets" in the White Christmas Series.
He also wrote "České granáty" (1943).

Havel, Miroslav
Časopis českých šachistů 1920
1st Prize

#3 6 + 6

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Havel, Miroslav
Tidskrift för Schack, 5th Jun 1914
1st Prize

#3 7 + 9

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Владимир Александрович Корольков (07-11-1907 - 01-05-1987) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Vladimir Aleksandrovich Korolkov)

Vladimir Korolkov

Vladimir Korolkov composed studies, which made him famous, and direct mates.
Of course many of his studies are reproduced on JMRW's website.

Корольков, Владимир Александрович
Pravda, 1929
1st Prize

+ 12 + 6

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Корольков, Владимир Александрович
Труд (Москва) 1935
1st Prize

+ 5 + 6

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Владимир Ильич Кацнельсон (07-11-1937) Russian composer (Vladimir Ilich Katsnelson)

Vladimir Katsnelson composes studies, most of the time in collaboration and mostly with his brother Leonard.

Кацнельсон, Владимир Ильич
Hildebrand JT, 2001
1st Honorable Mention

+ 5 + 7

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Paz Einat (07-11-1956) Israeli composer and International Master

Paz Einat composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems. He is an International Judge for direct mates in 2 and 3 moves. He often composes in collaboration with Ofer Comay.

A more approachable work:

Einat, Paz
Thèmes 64, 1979

#2* v 10 + 6

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A more complex twomover:

Einat, Paz
Israel Ring Tourney 1975
3rd Prize

#2 vvvv 10 + 6

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Silvio Baier (07-11-1978) German composer and International Master

Silvio Baier
[USV TU Dresden [broken link] ]

Silvio Baier composes direct mates, helpmates and retro problems such as this proof game.
He was awarded the 1st Prize in the FIDE World Cup 2011.

Baier, Silvio & Gockel, Hubert
Schach-Aktiv, 2007
2nd Prize

#3 14 + 12

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  1. In the 1929 Korolkov study, instead of 12.f8=R, White can also win with 12.Be1.

    1. Thank you, this possibility is now added in the solution.