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November 5th

Arthur Valdemar Madsen (05-11-1900 - 26-03-1983) Danish composer

Arthur Madsen was an International Judge. His most important works can be found in the 74-page book published by Walther Jörgensen in 1965: "Arthur Madsen, 64 Opgaver".
He composed direct mates, selfmates, helpmates and fairy problems.

Madsen, Mads Arthur Valdemar
Skakbladet, 1920
1st Prize

#2 vv 8 + 9

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Johannes Jacob Burbach (05-11-1921 - 15-11-2003) Dutch composer and FIDE Master

Hans Burbach

In 2007 Gerard Bouma wrote a portrait of and homage to Johannes Jacob Burbach "Hans Burbach Schaakproblemist" from which the following can be quoted:
"But perhaps his greatest love was - almost to the last - the world of chess problems. In chess one can best recognize diverse facets of Hans's versatility: his originality, his sense of humor, his sometimes bizarre fantasy, his inventiveness, for instance the discovery of Exclusive Chess."
Hans Burbach composed 1315 problems, which he meticulously registered and from which some were selected in the above article. He was also the editor of the magazine "Schaakmat" (1951-1954) and an International Judge.

He derived some pride in having invented the fairy condition Exclusive Chess, whose definition is the following:
"The moves allowing to reach the aim are illegal if they are not unique." For instance in a #2, a mate is illegal if there are at least two ways of giving mate.
For a striking example of Exclusive Chess, please refer to this twomover by Yves Cheylan.

Burbach, Johannes Jacob
De Probleemvriend, 1943

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Baldur J. L. Kozdon (05-11-1938) German composer and International Master

Baldur Kozdon in 1969
[SSZ 1969, page 188]

Baldur Kozdon composes logical direct mates (mostly moremovers) and helpmates and is an International Judge.

Kozdon, Baldur J. L.
Mat (Beograd) 1982
2nd Prize

#6 5 + 7

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Леонід Аврамович Любашевський (05-11-1955) Ukrainian-Israeli composer and FIDE Master (Leonid Abramovich Lyubashevsky)

Leonid Lyubashevsky

Leonid Lyubashevsky was the chief editor of the magazine "Козацька Шахівниця" (Kozatska Shakhivnitsa) which presented him and several of his problems on this webpage.
He composes direct mates (many of them with Leonid Makaronez), selfmates and helpmates and he also used to compose retro problems with Andrey Frolkin when he still lived in Ukraine.

Любашевський, Леонід Аврамович
Запорізька правда 1975
1st Prize

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