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November 15th

Joseph Edmund Peckover (15-11-1896 - 16-04-1982) British-American composer

Joseph Peckover was an endgame study composer. According to Bill Wall and EG-48,
Joseph Peckover was the best known American chess composer in the early 20th century. He was born in England but emigrated first to Canada, where he edited an endings column in the "Regina Daily Reader" and to New York in 1921. He was the endgame editor for the American Chess Quarterly from 1961 to 1965. He has worked principally as a free-lance portrait artist, concentrating in the 1970s on coloured pencil portraits of children.

Peckover, Joseph Edmund
problem (Zagreb) 1958
1st Prize

= 3 + 3

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Neandre Waldstein (15-11-1898 - 23-09-1981) French composer

Neandre Waldstein composed direct mates.

Waldstein, Neandre
Themes 64, 1975
2nd Prize

#3 10 + 9

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Fritz Günther Braune (15-11-1915 - ?) German composer

Fritz Günther Braune
[Kartothek A-K page 30]

Fritz Braune composed mostly direct mate miniatures.

Braune, Fritz Günther
Die Schwalbe, 1949

#3 6 + 1

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Israel Albert Horowitz (15-11-1907 - 18-01-1973) American composer

Al Horowitz

Al Horowitz was an o.t.b. IM and New York Times chess columnist. He was the owner and editor of the "Chess Review" magazine from 1933 until 1969 and wrote many books about chess.
He composed a few endgames.

Horowitz, Israel Albert & Kashdan, Isaac
The Chess Amateur, Mar 1928

+ 3 + 2

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Rolf Reußner (15-11-1944) German composer

Rolf Reußner composes logical moremovers.

Reußner, Rolf
Freie Presse, 1978 (1987)

#9 7 + 9

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