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December 1st

Ivan O. Kos (01-12-1846 - 26-11-1907) Slovenian composer

Ivan Kos

Ivan Kos was a talented composer of direct mates and selfmates.
"Slovenski glasnik" was the first Slovene language magazine with a chess column, which was edited by Josip Ogrinec and Ivan Kos.

He composed the first realization of a very productive selfmate idea discussed on Mat Plus forum in 2007. Here is this seminal selfmate in 8 moves:

Kos, Ivan O.
Шахматный вестник 1886

s#8 6 + 2

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This mate in 5 was included in the collection published by John Augustus Miles "Chess gems: Some of the finest examples of chess strategy, by ancient and modern masters" (1878) which can be downloaded from

Kos, Ivan O.
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1869
1st Prize

#5 9 + 8

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Frank Melville Teed (01-12-1856 - 25-05-1929) American composer

Frank Melville Teed
[July-August 1929 American Chess Bulletin, quoted by Edward Winter]

According to the January-February 1950 American Chess Bulletin quoted by E.Winter, Frank Melville Teed "[back in the 1880s] was treasurer of the Manhattan Chess Club and a member of the Steinitz-Zukertort match committee. He was one of the strongest players of that time and a composer of chess problems".

Teed, Frank Melville
200 Bauernumwandlungs-Schachaufgaben, 1907

#4 5 + 3

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Hans Klug (01-12-1907 - 11-03-1996) German composer

Hans Klug, 1956

Hans Klug composed endgame studies.

Klug, Hans
Schach, 1985 (10840)

\+ 5 + 4

To solve this study, focus on the corresponding squares of the position.
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Oto Mihalčo (01-12-1957) Slovak composer

Oto Mihalčo

Oto Mihalčo composes direct mates and helpmates.

Mihalčo, Oto
Pat a Mat, 2006
1st-2nd Prize

#7 8 + 13

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Mihalčo, Oto
Geissler-50 JT, 2008
1st HM

h#7b) bPb5->d5 2 + 11

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