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November 6th

Gustavus Charles Reichhelm (06-11-1839 - 30-11-1905) American composer

Gustavus Reichhelm
[Chess Archaeology]

Let's simply quote
From 1860-1870, he was the chess editor of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin; from 1871-1872, he edited The Chess Weekly; from 1872-1877, he wrote a column for the Intelligencer; from 1880-1900 he was a columnist for the Philadelphia Times; in 1881 he was editor of Brentano's Chess Monthly; from 1900-1905 he was a columnist for the North American. He also published a book, co-authored by Walter Penn Shipley, on the chess history of Philadelphia entitled, Chess in Philadelphia. He was a well known chess composer as well as a player.
He was specialized in long problems with systematic manoeuvres such as this one and tasks.

Reichhelm, Gustavus Charles

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Ростислав Николаевич Александров (06-11-1911 - 1947) Russian composer (Rostislav Nikolayevich Aleksandrov)

Rostislav Aleksandrov composed direct mates and endgame studies.
He became the editor of the composition section of "Shakhmaty v SSSR" in 1932. More details about him can be read in Y.Rossomakho's article about Aleksandrov published in 2004 in "Zadachy i Etyudy".

Александров, Ростислав Николаевич
«64» 1930 (448)

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Євген Олександрович Рейцен (06-11-1935) Ukrainian composer (Evgen Oleksandrovich Reitsen)

Evgeny Reitsen

Evgeny Reitsen is the chairman of the Ukrainian Chess Composition Comission, its delegate at the WFCC, the editor of the magazine Ukrainian Problemist and the organizer of the yearly Ukrainian Folks tourney. He is an International Judge in helpmates.

Рейцен, Євген Олександрович
Командное первенство Украины 1965
1st Place

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Jorge Marcelo Kapros (06-11-1955 - 27-08-2023) Argentinian composer and International Master

Jorge Kapros

Jorge Kapros usually composed problems together with Jorge Lois.
For details about Jorge Kapros and examples of his works (alone or in collaboration with J.Lois) please refer to the Argentinian site or more precisely their recently awarded works.

Kapros, Jorge Marcelo
Spiros Bikos MT, 1991
1st Prize, 1990-1991

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Jean-Christian Galli (06-11-1947) French composer

Jean-Christian Galli
[Source: Echiquier Grand Sud]

Jean-Christian Galli is a Corsican chess player, several times Corsican chess champion. He has also written a chess manual for the Corsican Chess League.
In chess composition he is mostly known for his contributions to the French chess forum France-Echecs where he published his series and fairy problems as well as some proof games.
He recently composed some record-breaking Circe series problems, such as the problem below:

Galli, Jean-Christian, 2017

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  1. Jorge Marcelo Kapros died a few days ago on Sunday 27 August 2023. I have the information from ARVES: