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November 11th

Anton A.C. Trilling (11-11-1892 - 16-02-1947) German composer

Anton Trilling was specialized in strategic multimovers.
He was the first president of the "Die Schwalbe" association.

Trilling, Anton A. C.
Die Schwalbe, 1938

#5 10 + 9

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Виктор Александрович Евреинов (11-11-1908 - 09-07-1984) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Viktor Aleksandrovich Evreinov)

Viktor Evreinov composed studies. His best known work is the following:

Евреинов, Виктор Александрович
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1959
1st Prize

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Milu Milescu (11-11-1911 - 06-11-1981) Romanian-Israeli composer

Photo credit: Shachmat,
vol. 20 no. 11-12 (Nov.-Dec. 1981), p. 201

Milu Milescu (Augutstein) was chief editor of the magazine "Revista Română de Sah", editor of "Shahmat" and " Deutschen Schachzeitung" and the author of the selection of Sigmund Herland's problems "Sigmund Herland: Problèmes Choisis" (1962). With Dr. Hans-Hilmar Staudte he wrote the best seller "Das 1x1 des Endspiels".
He was an International Judge.

Milescu, Milu
Schach-Echo, 1961

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Imans Kūlis (11-11-1937) Latvian composer

Imants Kūlis composes twomovers.

Kūlis, Imants
Revista Română de Şah, 1961
1st Prize

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Marcin Banaszek (11-11-1947) Polish composer and FIDE Master

Marcin Banaszek []

Marcin Banaszek, now living in Germany, composes twomovers, moremovers and studies. He shows his studies and problems on his website.
He also regularly updates the Chess Solving Database where solvers can find useful information.

Banaszek, Marcin
Euwe100, 2001
2nd Prize

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Παύλος Μουτεσίδης (11-11-1930) Greek composer and International Master (Pavlos Moutecidis)

Pavlos Moutecidis and Andrey Selivanov, Crete 2010

Pavlos Moutecidis composes direct mates but is most known for his long selfmates and for his organizing the traditional Metaxa tourney. His career and his interest in seflmates, maximummers was presented by Emmanuel Manolas on his website.

Moutecidis, Pavlos N.
ЮК А. Ажусину - 60, 2011
1st HM

s#15b) wKe8-->d8 5 + 2

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