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November 4th

Fernand Calvet (04-11-1910 - 04-01-1998) French composer

Fernand Calvet published numerous problems - usually fairy problems, in collaboration with Pierre Monréal who invented the Circe fairy condition or with other French problemists). Fernand Calvet invented the Anticirce condition.
He was also an excellent solver.

Calvet, Fernand
feenschach, 1971

ser-=12 5 + 7

ser-=12: White plays 12 consecutive moves and stalemates Black.

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Calvet, Fernand & Oudot, Jean
The British Chess Magazine, 1964
1st Commendation

#2h8, g3, h2: Lion 10 + 12
The Lion moves like a Queen but beyond a hurdle.

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Яков Вульфович Россомахо (04-11-1935 - 02-04-2024) Russian composer and International Master (Yakov Vulfovich Rossomakho)

Yakov Rossomakho

Yakov Rossomakho is a twomover specialist but also composes longer direct mates (such as this #3).
He is the editor of the magazine "Zadachy i etjudy" and an International Judge.

Россомахо, Яков Вульфович
Мемориал Л. Куббеля 1992
1st Prize

#2 v 12 + 10

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Steen Boe Christensen (04-11-1950) Danish composer

Steen Christensen
Steen Christensen started composing in 1966 and composed little - mostly fairy problems (Haaner Chess and Sentinelles are his favourite conditions). He tested 77% of the FIDE Album problems until 1988 and published the results.
He wrote "TERMINOLOGI I SKAKOPGAVER: BRÆTTER OG BRIKKER", a terminology of fairy conditions and pieces, in 1998.

Christensen, Steen Boe
Thema Danicum, 1980
2nd Prize

ser-h=15 6 + 8

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Stanislav Vokál (04-11-1950) Slovak composer

Stanislav Vokál

Stanislav Vokál composes in all genres. If you are interested, you can consult his selected problems on his website.

Vokál, Stanislav
Memorial A Pongracz - 1990
1st Prize

s#4 12 + 13

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Gunter Jordan (04-11-1952) German composer

Gunter Jordan, Frank Richter and Norbert Geissler

Gunter Jordan is the editor of "Gaudium" whose archive can be found on the Italian website "Accademia del problema". You can find issue 124 (31st October 2012) here.
He composes in all genres, but mostly fairy problems.

Jordan, Gunter
Problemkiste, Sep 2008 (178/7168)

h#3b) Stipulation h=3 2 + 9

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Argentine theme: h#/h= twins.

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