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November 23rd

Charles Henry Waterbury (23-11-1816 - 23-03-1882) American composer

Charles Henry Waterbury
[Chess Archaeology]

Charles Henry Waterbury composed direct mates and also fairy problems such as the mate in 11 moves to 9 black Kings mentioned by Edward Winter in his Chess Notes 7631.

Waterbury, Charles Henry
American Chess-Nuts, 1868 (2-moves / 367)

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Theodorus Cornelis Louis Kok (23-11-1906 - 28-05-1999) Dutch composer

Theodorus Kok

Theodorus Kok composed endgame studies and problems and published "Eindspelen en Problemen" in 1938. He composed all his studies between 1933 and 1941. The manuscripts of his books about endgame studies ("Wege zur Endspielstudie" - two books about pawns endgames and queens endgames) were written in 1940-41, discovered 50 years later and published in 1992.
He invented the Imitator in 1939 (under the pseudonym of Gerrit Jansen, in an article published in Fairy Chess Review, April, 1939; source: Julia's Fairies forum).
His obituary can be found in EG 135.

Kok, Theodorus Cornelis Louis
Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1939

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Kok, Theodorus Cornelis Louis
Maas- en Scheldebode, 1935

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Karl-Erik Nord (23-11-1914 - ?) Swedish composer

Karl-Erik Nord composed direct mates.

Nord, Karl-Erik
Schackvärlden, Feb 1933
1st Prize

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Udo Degener (23-11-1959) German composer and Grandmaster

Udo Degener
[edition schwarzdruck]

Udo Degener is a poet but also a remarkable twomover and selfmate composer. He has published many chess problem books, among which "50 Jahre Dombrovkis Thema" (2007) containing 1234 problems achieving the Dombrovskis theme and which can be read and downloaded from here.
For other books, refer to this page.

He is also the current holder of the "Albrecht-Sammlung", the twomover database collected by Hermann Albrecht and now including 156000 problems.

Degener, Udo
Hermanson JT, 1987
1st Prize

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Degener, Udo
Buletin Problemistic-25 JT, Buletin Problemistic, 1996
1st Prize, 1996-1997

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Peter Siegfried Krug (23-11-1966) Austrian composer and FIDE Master

Peter Krug

Peter Krug is a FIDE Master specialized in chess endgame studies.
The crushing story of his life can be found on his Arves webpage.

Krug, Peter
Olimpiya dünyası 2014
1st Prize

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