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February 6th

Adolf Engerth (06-02-1860 - ?) Polish composer

Engerth, Adolf
The Chess Monthly, 1883

#4 10 + 11

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Benjamin Glover Laws (06-02-1861 - 21-09-1931) British composer and editor

Benjamin Glover Laws [The Problemist]

You may find some biographic details and a very interesting lecture by Laws on The Problemist's website.
The very same lecture clarifies the origin of the chess problem term "Cook":
I often saw Horwitz about this period and as the question regarding the origin of the term “Cook” was then being discussed in problem circles, I asked him if he could throw any light on the subject. He corroborated the statement which had been made that Kling (who had frequently collaborated with him in end-game and problem study) would on Horwitz greeting him with: “I have a raw idea,” ironically reply “Well, I will cook your raw idea.” If Horwitz's account can be relied upon, this should settle a debated point.
Laws seems to have been the originator of the reflex stipulation.
Laws also wrote a 26-page booklet "The Artistry of the Chess Problem, with special reference to the beauties of the three- and fourmover" that can be read on Anders Thulin's site.

Laws had an exceptional career punctuated with many prizes. Here is a 1st prize from 1892:

Laws, Benjamin Glover
Jamaica Gleaner, 1892
1st Prize

#2* 8 + 5

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And another one from 1948:

Laws, Benjamin Glover
The British Chess Magazine, 1948 (7845)
1st Prize, July-December

#3 7 + 3

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Johannes Dusold (06-02-1871 - 24-08-1946) German composer

Dusold, Johannes
Deutsche Schachbund, 1929
2nd Prize

#2 11 + 9

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Josef Rašovský (06-02-1881 - 18-12-1961) Czech composer

Rašovský, Josef
Tidskrift för Schack, 1910

#2* 5 + 4

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Lars Richard Carlson (06-02-1885 - ?) American composer

Carlson, Lars Richard & Nelson, Nels H.
Good Companion, May 1922

#2* v 8 + 9

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László Apró (06-02-1907 - 29-11-2000) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

László Apró
Új Magyar Sakkfeladvány Antológia / Szerkeszto G.Bakcsi Budapest, 1979. P. 98, III.
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

László Apró was a monumental composer who excelled in all genres. His helpmates are notable for the innovations they brought at their time:

Apró, László
Boletim da UBP, 1970
1st Prize

h#22 solutions 7 + 8

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Apró, László
Schach-Echo, 1971

h#3b) bKc7->e4 5 + 15

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Peter Asbury-Smith (06-02-1929) British composer

Asbury-Smith has composed in varied genres: fairy, retro, direct mates, etc.

Asbury-Smith, Peter
British Chess Magazine, 1957

#2* v 9 + 6

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Asbury-Smith, Peter
feenschach, 1972 (593)
1st Prize

sh==50 Francfort  16 + 2

{Francfort: When a piece captures (King included), it takes the nature of the captured unit (without changing colour). A King capturing becomes a royal unit.}

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Raffaele Arturo Caponetti (06-02-1907) Italian composer

Caponetti, Raffaele Arturo
Il Due Mosse, 1958
2nd Commendation

#2* 8 + 9

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Karel Sobek (06-02-1908 - 25-05-2004) Czech composer

Karel Sobek was a prolific composer.

Sobek, Karel
Telescacco 2000, Nov 1999

h#22 solutions 5 + 8
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His greatest success seems to be the following :

Sobek, Karel & Libiš, Zdeněk
Šachové umění 1995
1st-2nd Prize

#3 8 + 9

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Martin Folkmann (06-02-1909 - 1943) Slovak composer 

Folkmann, Martin
Dresdner Anzeiger, 1927
4th Prize

#4 6 + 10

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Cornelis Hendricus Lamboo (06-02-1910) Dutch composer

Lamboo published problems only in the Netherlands.

Lamboo, Cornelis Henricus
Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden JT, 1951
2nd HM

#3 14 + 9

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Erich Ernst (06-02-1920 - 17-01-2011) German composer and player

Erich Ernst was president of Schwarzach chess club and mostly composed miniatures.

Ernst, Erich
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 1998

#4 2 + 4

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Heinz Faust (06-02-1928) German composer

Faust, Heinz
Nostalgia 1974

#2 8 + 9

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Robert Tony Lewis (06-02-1933 - 31-10-2012) British composer 

Tony Lewis
Tony Lewis was president of the British Chess Problems Society for many years. He is famous for his mutates which earned him the nickname of Mutateman.
His obituary by Michael McDowell can be read on The Problemist's website.

Lincoln, Robert A. & Lewis, R. Tony
Phénix, 1995
1st Prize

#2* vv 10 + 10

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Imants Dulbergs (06-02-1936 - 14-04-2018) Latvian composer

Imants Dulbergs [ [broken link]]
Imants Dulbergs was an original composer who was not afraid to step off the beaten tracks. One of his best problems is the following:

Dulbergs, Imants
Šahs, 1972
1st Prize

#9 10 + 10

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Peter Durst (06-02-1954) Slovak composer 

Peter Durst has a predilection for twomovers with changed mates, but also composes studies.

Durst, Peter
Vychodoslovenske noviny, 1987

#2* 11 + 7

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Odd Øivind Bergstad (06-02-1956) Norwegian composer

Odd Øivind Bergstad

Odd Bergstad composes direct mates and studies.

Bergstad, Odd Øivind
Tidskrift för Schack, 1981 (2182)
1st Honorable Mention

+ 5 + 5

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  1. Isn't the Dulbergs problem cooked with 1. Rxh8? Am I missing something?

    1. Indeed! The position was incorrect: the black Bishop h8 should stand at g7. Now there is no cook. Thank you for your vigilance.