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February 14th

Jean Dufresne (14-02-1829 - 13-04-1893) chess player, composer and author

Jean Dufresne [Wikipedia]

He is known for the Evergreen game with Adolf Anderssen, whose student he was and for his "Kleines Lehrbuch des Schachspiels" (1881). What's he doing here?, you may righteously ask. Dufresne also composed some studies, of which you can find a sample below. Our readers will enjoy his anthology published in the end of the 19th century and kindly hosted by Anders Thulin:
"Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, I" (1881)
"Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, II" (1882)
"Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, III" (1887)

An easy study:

Dufresne, Jean
bs53-521, 1910

+ 3 + 3

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Jiří Kauder (14-02-1887 - ?) Czech composer

Of course Kauder composed in the suave Bohemian style:

Kauder, Jiří
1471 Cesky denik, 1940

#3 5 + 9

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Oskar Wielgos (14-02-1916 - 05-11-1986) German composer

Oskar Wielgos
Schach-Echo 21/1966
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Wielgos, Oskar
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1977
1st Prize

#2* v v v 12 + 8

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Wielgos, Oskar
Deutscher Schachbund 1977-1978
1st Prize
Jubiläumsturnier DSB
h# 9 + 14

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Werner Frangen (14-02-1929 - 31-10-2015) German composer

Werner Frangen composed mostly retro and task problems. One very simple example is the following:

Frangen, Werner
feenschach, 1975

#1 4 + 2

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A constructional record (at least for the time):

Frangen, Werner
Feenschach, 1974

35.consecutive checks 13 + 13

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Imants J. Ķīsis (14-02-1929 - 13-09-1993) Latvian composer and FIDE Master

Imants J. Ķīsis
Problem, February 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Ķīsis composed a problem achieving the Urania theme, but for now we prefer the following two problems, which were selected in the FIDE Album:

Ķīsis, Imants J.
Шахматы в СССР 1974
1st Prize

#2 v v v 7 + 8

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Ķīsis, Imants J.
Magyar Sakkélet, 1974
3rd Prize

#2* v 6 + 12

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Josef Weisel (14-02-1939) Israeli composer

Josef Weisel has a s#4 published in the FIDE Album

Weisel, Josef
problem (Zagreb) 1960
1st Prize

s#3 11 + 11

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  1. Frangen's retro appears to have been anticipated (with an improved version) by Bror Larsson, Tidskrift for Schack, 1940: k1K5/q2R4/1P6/P7/8/8/8/8, #1. See:'P1012943'&s=0