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February 23rd

Fritjof Lindgren (23-02-1897 - 08-11-1957) Swedish composer

Fritjof Lindgren composed more than 600 problems, most of them three-movers and many excellent miniatures. He also wrote some books about chess composition: "Schackkuriosa", "Moderna svenska schackproblem" (1936) and "33 Schackminiatyrer" (1937).
He was the father of GM Bo Lindgren - more about Bo in another post.
Here is a example of his threemovers:

Lindgren, Fritjof
Stockholms Schacksällskap, O. W. Robert Sahlberg J.T. 1916
2nd Prize

#3 6 + 9

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Gheorghe Goşman (23-02-1912 - 03-01-1976) Romanian composer

Gheorghe Goşman was a composer of problems and endgame studies. He started composing in the 30s and became friend with Camil Seneca before Seneca migrated to France.

Goşman, Gheorghe
problem (Zagreb) 1966 (2311)

#3 7 + 5
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Frank Müller (23-02-1959) German composer

Composes especially longmovers and long selfmates, but also retro fairy problems. Don't be afraid of this long problem with systematic manoeuvre:

Müller, Frank
Šachové umění (Československý šach) 1996

s#16 2 + 5

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Gerd Wilts (23-02-1969) German composer

Gerd Wilts is a retro composer. He is also the precious person who takes care of our dear Chess Problem Database Server.

Together with Norbert Geissler he composed many "Massacre" proof games, where many captures occur in less than 20 moves and the last standing men are the two Kings and one or two officers, such as this one.  Here is another expression of his talent, in two solutions:

Wilts, Gerd
Retro Mailing List, 1997

PG 7.02 solutions 14 + 16

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A more complicated problem:

Wilts, Gerd
Europe Échecs, 1991 (Dedicated to A.Frolkin)
1st Prize

What was the first move of bRh8? 14 + 12

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Emanuel Navon (23-02-1936) Israeli composer and International master

[Emanuel Navon celebrating Afek's 60's birthday -
Variantim 56]

Emanuel composes mostly twomovers and helpmates, but also sometimes helpselfmates.

Navon, Emanuel
BIT 2007
2nd Prize

#2vvvv 11 + 12

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Christian Poisson (23-02-1964) French composer and International Master

Christian Poisson (right) and Denis Blondel, 2002
[© Christian Poisson]

Christian Poisson is a talented programmer, author of the well-known chess problem solving applications Winchloe and Natch.
He is also the creator of the large database of chess problems called Winchloe.
He was the chief-editor of magazine Rex Multiplex and the editor of Problemesis - one of the first online chess problem magazines.
He is the author of over 8000 compositions (see for instance on Problemesis the PDF books containing studies and problems composed with WinChloe by the analysis of the endgame tablebases).
We don't know when he finds time to teach pupils maths in Nantes.

Poisson, Christian
U.S. Problem Bulletin 1994
1st Prize

h#33 solutions 8 + 9

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Poisson, Christian
Phénix 1991
2nd Prize

#2 vvAnticirce Calvet 7 + 10

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