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February 17th

Виктор Александрович Калягин (17-02-1953 - 26-10-2010) Russian composer (Viktor Alexandrovich Kalyagin)

Kalyagin is a study composer. The selected endgame study below is not too complicated and should not give the reader any headache (those who want tougher nuts can take a look at this one)

Калягин, Виктор Александрович
Olimpiev JT Уральский проблемист 2001
Special Honorable Mention

+ 3 + 4

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Stefan Dittrich (17-02-1950) German composer and International Master

Stefan Dittrich

Stefan Dittrich composed many successful twomovers, but he also directed his art towards #3, #n or helpmates. The reader may find interesting problems on his website, as well as the award of the Dittrich-60 JT.

The following work has been selected, among other motives, for one of the themes it presents:

Dittrich, Stefan
Schach, 1980

#2 7 + 8

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Ferenc Fleck (17-02-1908 - 25-02-1994) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Ferenc Fleck

Ferenc was Honorary Master in chess composition but also an international judge and left his name to the Fleck theme: "Separation of the threats (at least 3) by an equivalent number of black defences, and there is no dual after each defence" (source: Problemesis). For an example of the Karlström-Fleck, please see above.

Since you already know the Fleck theme, let's study the following threemover:

Fleck, Ferenc
Budapest Chess Association, 1954
1st Prize

#3 9 + 9

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Anatole Felix Ianovcic (17-02-1897 - 20-06-1986) Romanian composer and author

Ianovcic was an enthusiast who worked for the Romanian Chess Federation, spent his energy organizing this institution, was a founder of the chess magazine "Revista Romana de Sah" and of the chess problem magazine "Buletin Problemistic" and managed to find time to compose problems and write didactic articles. These articles were published in the magazine „Flacăra/Tribuna Sibiului”, which later lead to the publication of a chess composition manual, "Sahul artistic: manual de compozitie sahista" (1969).

Ianovcic also gave his name to a twomover theme (Ianovcic theme):
Initially two black pieces A and B are half-pinned. The key self-pins a white piece C. A and B play each in the thematic variations, thus self-pinning B (respectively A) and thanks to a self interference Black allows White to mate with a Pelle move of C.

Ianovcic, Anatole Felix
L'Echiquier, 1935
2nd Prize

#2* 9 + 10

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Let's solve this easy selfmate as well:

Ianovcic, Anatole Felix
Jas, 4th Nov 1932 (502)

s#2 5 + 12

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Saul Segenreich (17-02-1903 - 06-05-1975) Romanian-Israeli composer

Saul Segenreich
[Thanks to Alain Pallier]

Segenreich, Saul & Aloni, Hillel
Israel Ring Tourney, 1966
2nd Honorable Mention

= 3 + 5

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Johannes Jan van Dijk (17-02-1866 - 01-01-1955) Dutch composer

Van Dijk, Johannes Jan
Aftonbladet, 1904

#3 7 + 7

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Murray Marble (17-02-1885 - 17-02-1919) American composer

Murray Marble

As Stephen Dann recalled in his Chessville article (broken link but can be seen on based on a previous 1979 Telegraph article, Alain C.White had thus described Murray Marble in "A Sketchbook of American Chess Problemists" (1942):
It is not, however, only as a composer that Marble will be remembered, but as a friend of other composers. His life was that of an invalid, with long periods of suffering and weakness... His untimely death carried away one of the gentlest and kindest figures the American chess problem world has had the good fortune to produce.
An amusing anecdote about him: he won the first prizes in the twomover and threemover sections of the Préti Memorial Tourney in 1908-09 organized by "La Stratégie"; for his twomover he won 15 volumes of "la Stratégie" and for his threemover he won the whole collection of 40 volumes.

Marble, Murray
La Stratégie, 1908
1st Prize

#2  7 + 10

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  1. Unless you mean nationally, Ferenc Fleck was not a Grandmaster in Chess Composition.

    I show he earned the following titles:
    FIDE Honorary Master of Chess Composition, 1988
    FIDE Master of Chess Composition, 1990

    1. Thanks Kevin ! The mistake has been corrected.

    2. Partly corrected. :)
      Beneath his photo, it still says, "Ferenc was Grand Master in chess composition..."

    3. :-) No longer, now you've mentioned it. Thanks!