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February 28th

Александр Фёдорович Феоктистов (28-02-1948) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Aleksandr Fyodorovich Feoktistov)

[Ofer Comay, Paz Einat and Alexander Feoktistov
receiving prizes for the Moskovskaya Matreshka tourney, Dresden congress, 2017
Variantim 73]

Aleksandr Feoktistov is the Grandmaster of the day. He's an expert in many fields and many of his works are memorable. You are certainly waiting forward to see some examples and we won't disappoint you:

Феоктистов, Александр Фёдорович
WCCT, 2008
2nd Place

s#3 9 + 13

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One could also quote a #3 with a 3x3 Zagoruiko with 3 black promotions (1...a1=Q/B/S). But, since we are quite fond of batteries, we choose this one:

Феоктистов, Александр Фёдорович
Сельская жизнь 1969
1st Prize

#3 10 + 10

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Can Feoktistov compose non-direct mate problems? A possible answer is the following item:

Феоктистов, Александр Фёдорович
Всероссийский конкурс 1992
1st Prize

h#34 solutions 6 + 12

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Francisco Salazar López (28-02-1924 - 07-06-2000) Spanish composer and International Master

Francisco Salazar López won 28 points in the FIDE Album. He is the inventor of the theme bearing his name. The Salazar theme is composed of the combination of Reversal and switchback (one example here).

His most quoted Salazar-themed twomover is the following:

Salazar López, Francisco
Die Schwalbe, Jun 1968
2nd Prize

#2 v 10 + 3

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He is an expert in twomovers and obtained the 2nd place in WCCT-1 with the following great work:

Salazar López, Francisco
1st WCCT, 1972
2nd Place, 1972-1975

#2* v 13 + 7

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On Juraj Lörinc's website you can see a series helpstalemate by Salazar with a total of 5 S-promotions.

Nicolas Rossolimo (28-02-1910 - 24-07-1975) American player and composer

Nicolas Rossolimo

Nicolas Rossolimo was a strong Grand Master who won the French and the US Championships. His attacking style earned him many brilliancy prizes. He was called an "artist of chess".

Rossolimo wrote the 28-page booklet "Les Echecs au coin du feu", a collection of positions from his games and his composed studies, with a preface by Savielly Tartakower (1947, cover here).

Here is an endgame study:

Rossolimo, Nicolas
Шахматный листок 5th Dec 1927
5th Prize

+ 3 + 3

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Roland Löwe (28-02-1934) German composer

Löwe, Roland
Freie Presse, 1965
1st Prize

#4 6 + 11

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Willy Popp (28-02-1902 - 19-04-1978) German composer

Willy Popp
[Kartothek L-Z page 29]

Popp composed in the style of his era. One of Popp's problems retained in the FIDE Album:

Popp, Willy
Schach-Echo, 1936
1st Prize

#2 12 + 8

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The other FIDE-Album problem by Popp can be seen here.

Νίκος Περγιάλης (28-02-1931 - 04-12-2019) Greek composer (Nikos Pergialis)

Nikos Pergialis, 2008
Neos Palamedes]

Nikos Pergialis is, according to Emmanuel Manolas who speaks highly of him, the last rembetis (popular song composer and performer, who plays rebetiko).
You can discover on Emmanuel's blog some information about him, especially in Pergialis part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Here is one of his best problems:

Pergialis, Nikos
chess-problems-gr, 19th Mar 2009

4 + 2

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Stanislav Juříček (28-02-1952 - 25-01-2024) Czech composer

Stanislav Juříček, 2013

Stanislav Juříček was, according to Ivan Skoba, a "Czech chess player, historian and composer, who has published so far about 400" problems. He was the co-author of the interesting book 100 Years of Chess in Wallachia". Of course it is about Moravian Wallachia.
He composed direct mates and helpmates.

Here is one of his longmovers:

Juříček, Stanislav
ЮК М.Марандюк-60, Проблеміст України 2010
6th Commendation

#5  7 + 7

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  1. I have recently discovered that the Greek composer Nikos Pergialis has birthday 28.02.1931.
    See about him here.

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  2. This day (28.2.1952) was born Stanislav Juříček, Czech chess player, historian and composer, who has published so far about 400 entries. He is co-author of interesting book "100 Years of Chess in Wallachia", see

    1. Thank you for all the information!
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