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February 29th

Alois Szerencsics (29-02-1908 - 17-11-1992) Austrian composer

Alois Szerencsics has problems selected in the FIDE Album and some of his works are quoted in "Problempalette. Schachprobleme österr. Autoren aus den Jahren 1901-1970" (1972) or in "Problempalette II" (1991) by Friedrich Chlubna and Klaus Wenda.

Ebner, Bruno & Szerencsics, Alois
1st WCCT, 1972
11th Place, 1972-1975

#3 v 5 + 6

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Szerencsics, Alois
Schach-Aktiv TT, 1983
1st Prize

#2 vv 10 + 11

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Otto Brennert (29-02-1876 - 07-1945) German composer

Otto Brennert has published more than 100 problems, with a preference for selfmates (unfortunately some were proved cooked). He also explored maximummers, helpmates (check this one) and even helpselfmates. He experimented some fairy conditions such as Gleichstein-Längstzüger (longest move by a piece of the same type than the piece that just played). He composed with Pauly, Wolfgang Heidenfeld and Kurt Richter.
[Thanks to Dr.Dowd for providing precious info.]
Here is a clean fourmover:

Brennert, Otto
Die Schwalbe, 10-12/1946
77th TT
1st Prize

#4 6 + 4

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Brennert also composed one of the very first helpselfmates:

Brennert, Otto
4862 Deutsche Schachblätter 15/12/1929
Dedicated to T. R. Dawson for his 40th birthday

hs#4 5 + 4

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A selfmate of his was incorrect due to a dual, but Valery Surkov proposed a C+ version of it in 2010:

Brennert, Otto
Deutsche Schachblätter, Nr.2, 1936 (28)
Version Valery Surkov

s#4  14 + 3

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This selfmate in 5 is also interesting, with its change of blocks on f7 and the captures of wQ and wR in set play and actual play.

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