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March 22nd

José Ernesto Coutinho (22-03-1906) Brazilian composer

Jose Coutinho
‎"Boletim da UBP" 42, Maio/Agosto 1982
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

José Ernest Coutinho specialized in #2 composition in classic style. A nice problem with impressive wQ activity is :

Coutinho, José Ernesto
Die Schwalbe, Apr 1970
4th Prize

#2 9 + 11

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Jindrich Šulc (22-03-1911 - 03-12-1998) Czech composer

Jindrich Šulc was able to compose successfully in many genres. A nice threemover with paradoxical quiet second white moves can be admired below

Šulc, Jindřich
FIDE, 1957
2nd HM

#3 7 + 13

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Klaus-Dieter Schmidt and Hans-Joachim Schmidt (22-03-1942) German composers

Hans-Joachim Schmidt and Klaus-Dieter Schmidt seem to be the other known pair of twin composers, beside the Le Grand twins and the Aloni twins. That's why we will show problems published by them in the same magazine, as well as their common endgame study - of course with a study with twins A and B!

Schmidt, Hans-Joachim
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 8th Jan 2000 (1082)

#6 4 + 2

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Schmidt, Klaus-Dieter
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 2001 (1137)

+ 6 + 5

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Schmidt, Klaus-Dieter & Schmidt, Hans-Joachim
Die Schwalbe, 1997 (9468)

White wins        b) wKh8->g8            5 + 4

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Юрій Володимирович Білокінь (22-03-1950) Ukrainian composer (Yuri Volodimirovich Bilokin)

Yuri Bilokin
[Source: Facebook]

Yuri Bilokin is a talented helpmate composer, often publishing joint compositions. His chess composition blog can be found here.
The next miniature shows ideal mates with wK tempo in each twin.

Білокінь, Юрій Володимирович & Мансарлійский, Микола Дмитрович
Mat (Beograd) 1985
1st Prize

h#6b) bQg8->d5 2 + 5

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A more recent example:

Білокінь, Юрій Володимирович
M.Грива-55, Черно-белые стежини 2009
1st Prize

h#72 solutions 2 + 8

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Milenko Đukić (22-03-1926 - 31-12-1997) Croatian composer

Milenko Đukić
‎"Vor Razbibriga", Bjelovar, April 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин] and Liubisa Papic

Milenko Đukić composed many miniatures with varied play. A typical example is:

Đukić, Milenko
Buletin Problemistic, 1975

#3 4 + 3

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János Kiss (22-03-1909 - 11-07-1999) Hungarian composer, FIDE Master and Honorary Master of Chess Composition

János Kiss was one of Hungarian experts in chess composition. (Note that the Kiss theme was thus named because of Slovak composer Ivan Kiss).
He was particularly interested in black correction, as shown here.

Kiss, János
Rakéta, 1943
1st Prize

#2 11 + 12

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Norbert Geissler (22-03-1958) German composer and FIDE Master

Gunter Jordan, Frank Richter, Norbert Geissler
Gunter Jordan,    Frank Richter            &                  Norbert Geissler                                   
November 2008 [TLiDD]

Norbert Geissler is better known as one of Popeye's programmers. However, his compositions display an amazing craftsmanship and artistry, like the Bristol theme in this h#2.
His best problem is probably the following:

Geissler, Norbert & Werner, Dieter
7th WCCT, 2001
2nd-3rd Place, 2001-2004

#11 9 + 16

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