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March 15th

Niels Rutberg (15-03-1899 - 07-10-1953) Swedish composer

Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Niels Rutberg was a fine composer (7 points in FIDE Album). He was able to show three different variations in #4 with only 5 pieces!

Rutberg, Niels
Nya Dagligt Allehanda, 1922

#4 3 + 2

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Daniel Itzhaki (15-03-1913) Israeli composer

Daniel Itzhaki is reknown as a problemist who composes only Babson tasks. One of his most outstanding achievements is

Itzhaki, Daniel
feenschach, 1987
1st Prize

7 + 13

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Jacobus Theodorus Sanderse (15-03-1921 - 05-07-1989) Dutch composer

Jacobus Sanderse was a Dutch composer able to tackle all genres.
132 of his studies and problems can be seen on this site.
We select a simple classic - probably the most economical helpmate in which bK gets mated in two opposite corners

Sanderse, Jacobus Theodorus
Festgrüße 1969/70

h#6b) bKg3-->h1 2 + 2

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Herbert Kromath (15-03-1934) German composer

Herbert Kromath
Verlag Waldkirch

Our thanks to Dr. S. Dowd for this information:
Herbert Kromath and Heinz Zander corresponded and composed together in the 1960s, according to Zander's book. Kromath was very enthusiastic and considered himself a member of the "school" of Dr. Ernst Bachl of Worms, and saw the modern three-mover as the pinnacle of problem chess. Kromath quit problem chess suddenly right after organizing the 1967 Schwalbe convention in Mannheim.

Herbert Kromath has original ideas: who would think that the best second move in a #3 would be to unpin a black piece which was just selfpinned?

Kromath, Herbert
Schach-Echo, 1964
2nd Prize

#3 7 + 5

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Рашид Кабирович Хатямов (15-03-1943 - 06-12-2007) Russian composer (Rashid Kabirovich Khatiamov)

Хатямов, Рашид Кабирович
Уральский проблемист 1999
1st Prize

h#5            b) bPa6->h2
          c) bBa3->c5
                   2 + 8

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Jozef Ložek (15-03-1959) Slovak composer

Jozef Ložek

Jozef Ložek composes mainly twomovers.

Ložek, Jozef
Torre & Cavallo - Scacco!
Jun 2001

b) wKe4<->bKc5
3 + 3

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And finally, Jozsef Simon (15-03-1953) is a Romanian solver from Miercurea Ciuc and had very good solving results in the tourneys organized by Revista Romana de Sah.

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