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March 29th

Olof Wilhelm Robert Sahlberg (29-03-1837 - 06-07-1922) Swedish composer

Robert Sahlberg
"Problem", September 1969
‎[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Olof Sahlberg can be quoted for his success in the 5th American Chess Congress:

Sahlberg, Olof Wilhelm Robert
5th American Chess Congress, 1880
1st Prize, Set

#2 9 + 4

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Antal Miskolczy (29-03-1882 - 1943) Hungarian composer

Another difficult problem is Miskolczy's threemover:

Miskolczy, Antal
Balazs-Gedenkturnier des Györer Schachcl, 1913
1st Prize

#3 10 + 8

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Frederick Thomas Hawes (29-03-1886 - 20-04-1963) Australian composer

Frederick Thomas Hawes is a Southern composer, who composed together with Frank R. Ravenscroft and John James O'Keefe. Solo, he received prizes in The Problemist. For the blog, a charming twomover with Pelle moves played both by Black and White:

Hawes, Frederick Thomas
Falkirk Herald, 1941
1st Prize

#2 13 + 8

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Hendrik Hermanus Kamstra (29-03-1899 - 19-08-1971) Dutch composer

Hendrik Hermanus Kamstra is a skilled Dutch composer, with many first prizewinners up to his sleeve. The following one found a well deserved place in the FIDE Album:

Kamstra, Hendrik Hermanus
Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1948
1st Prize

#2 12 + 7

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Anders Emanuel (Manne) Persson (29-03-1918 - 17-09-2010) Swedish composer and International Master

Manne Persson
‎"Problem", September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Anders Emanuel Persson is present in today selection with a nice #2 featuring 3 pairs of matched variations:

Persson, Anders Emanuel
7th WCCT, 2001
7th Place, 2001-2004

#2 13 + 13

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Іван Іванович Сорока (29-03-1960) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster (Ivan Ivanovich Soroka)

Ivan Soroka [ ]

Ivan Soroka is a complete composer. His problems often display complex strategy, as the following 1st prizewinner selected in the FIDE Album convincingly show.

Сорока, Іван Іванович
Рязанский комсомолец 1982

h#32 solutions 7 + 11

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Michael Herzberg (29-03-1964) German composer and International Master

Michael Herzberg
[Schachclub Bad Salzdetfurth ]

Michael Herzberg creates amazing moremovers using Popandopoulo mechanism, which are very appealing for solvers. The following moremover is very subtle, with its double Novotny:

Herzberg, Michael
Die Schwalbe, 2000

#7 10 + 12

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Another fine example from the FIDE Album:

Herzberg, Michael
Die Schwalbe, 1992
3rd Prize

s#6 11 + 14

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