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March 16th

Frederick W. Bennett (16-03-1867 - 1961) Australian composer

Frederick W. Bennett was a chess player (his games here). He had a very long chess career and composed problems mostly in the 1920s and 1950s.

Bennett, Frederick W.
The Brisbane Courier, 1923
6th HM

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Antonio G. Corrias (16-03-1872 - 23-12-1923) Italian composer

Antonio Corrias was a Good Companion composer. He was also the editor of the problem columns of the magazine Eco degli Scacchi. In 1904 he wrote a "Selection of problems by Italian authors: in two moves"
In the Otago Witness, March 11, 1908, F. J. Mouat's column mentions the following: (Chess Items)
In his series of articles on problem composers, Alain C. White tells that Antonio G. Corrias is of Spanish descent, a goldsmith by profession, and. was born in 1872. He learnt chess in 1888, and as a problem composer has won between 35 and 40 tourney honours. This composer promises to shortly publish 800 of his best productions in book form. The introduction to the book is to be written in Italian, English, and French.

Corrias, Antonio G.
Gazzetta del Popolo
1st Prize

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Poul Hage (16-03-1906 - 11-12-1984) Danish player and composer

Poul Hage [Problemskak]

Poul Hage was four time otb Danish champion, otb IM and a frequent visitor to Nimzowitsch's home, according to More details about him can be found on - in Danish.

On Gary Kevin Ware continues the weekly chess solving competition and Solving Ladder from Chess Life online. His weekly articles are always a stimulating read and in March-April 2011 he generously provided the translation of Poul Hage's article "Problemkunsten og det praktiske spil" (1942, Problem Art and the Practical Game). As Gary puts it, "Hage's article mostly alternates between showing an actual game position that shows a problem theme, and then an actual composed problem showing the theme."
The article can be read in 6 installments:

Before reading the article, enjoy this clean-cut threemover:

Hage, Poul
Magasinet, 1949
1st Prize

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Kazimierz Grabowski (16-03-1875 - 20-12-1936) Polish composer

Kazimierz Grabowski was a Polish pioneer of the modern twomovers and threemovers. He was also an engineer (bridge building) and worked for a long time in Switzerland.
More details about him can be found on and on

Grabowski, Kazimierz
Tidskrift för Schack, 1917

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