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March 9th

Григорий Яковлевич Левенфиш (09-03-1889- 09-02-1961) Russian player and composer (Grigory Yakovlevich Levenfish)

Grigori Levenfish [Wikipedia]

Grigory Yakovlevich Levenfish was a leading Russian chess grandmaster of the 1920s and 1930s. He was twice Soviet champion. Here for more details about his chess career.
Grigory Levenfish composed endgame studies with Vasili Smyslov and he also wrote "Rook Endings" together with the former World Champion (Smyslov admitted that all of the hard work was carried out by Levenfish.)
We have selected a game-like study from that book:

Смыслов, Василий Васильевич & Левенфиш, Григорий Яковлевич

+Black to move 3 + 3

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Flórián János Kovács (09-03-1901 - 07-06-1967) Hungarian composer

Flórián János Kovács

Kovács had a pleasant style and was rather solver-friendly, which does not mean at all that his works were tasteless:

Kovács, Flórián János
Géza Maróczy M.T. 1952
3rd Prize

=b) bSa1->b1 4 + 4

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Kovács, Flórián János
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1949

#6 7 + 7

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Jenő Bán (09-03-1919 - 12-11-1979) Hungarian player and composer

White wins
Jenő Bán
1st Prize Tipografia 1961

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Jenő Bán mostly composed endgame studies and helpmates. He was one of the founders of the Hungarian magazine Magyar Sakkelet and was its chief editor for 30 years.

Jenő Bán [magyarsakkszerzok]

Bán, Jenő
Die Schwalbe, 1964

h#4 3 + 4

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Lars Aksglæde Larsen (09-03-1919 - 27-03-2017) Danish composer and International Master

Lars Larsen []

Lars Larsen was a composer of a remarkable longevity and also an International Judge. He was a specialist of two- and threemovers and has published more than 2200 problems, of which more than 100 Bohemians. He has also written many articles (his first article in 1940!), mainly in the now defunct magazine "Thema Danicum", replaced by "Problemskak".

Larsen, Lars
Magasinet, 1941
2nd Prize

#3 9 + 10

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Михаил Николов Попов (09-03-1930 - 16-01-1970) Bulgarian composer (Mikhail Nikolov Popov)

Mikhail Popov was a fairy composer who would have certainly composed many more interesting problems if he had lived longer.

Попов, Михаил Николов
Die Schwalbe, 1960

h=2* 4 + 3

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Валерий Анисимович Лисковец (09-03-1944) Belarusian composer (Valery Anisimovich Liskovets)

Valery Liskovets

Лисковец, Валерий Анисимович
Mat Plus, 2010 (37-38/1622)

hc#3.5b) Move h8 g6 3 + 2

"hc" means Consequent helpmate: "Helpmate" stipulation but the legality of the position is reconsidered (it must be possible to obtain it from the game-array position, White and Black playing alternatively) after each move.

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Николай Васильевич Грива (09-03-1953) Ukrainian composer (Nikolay Vasilievich Griva)

Nikolay Griva

Грива, Микола Васильович
Springaren, 2003 (10291)

+ 3 + 2

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Klaus-Peter Zuncke (09-03-1954 - 15-11-2007) German composer

Klaus-Peter Zuncke

Klaus-Peter Zuncke was specialised in three- and moremovers. He was a great expert of orthodox miniatures, had started a large collection of miniatures and was joined by Wolfgang A. Bruder for several years. His work was completed by Volker Felber and uploaded to the PDB.
Problems with symmetric position but asymmetric solution, which were fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s, were especially fascinating to him:

Zuncke, Klaus-Peter
Freie Presse, 7th May 1982 (2358)
2nd Prize

#7 4 + 3

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Федір Михайлович Капустін (09-03-1956) Ukrainian composer (Fyodor Mikhailovich Kapustin)

Fyodor Kapustin
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Капустін, Федір Михайлович
Hlas ľudu, 1992
Special Prize

#2 10 + 7

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Владіслав Володимирович Тарасюк (09-03-1968) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Vladislav Volodimirovich Tarasyuk)

Vladislav Tarasyuk
Kiev, Autumn 2011
[Thanks to Сережа Ткаченко]

Vladislav Tarasyuk composes studies and has become an International Judge in 2017.

Тарасюк, Владіслав Володимирович
Humor Tourney, 2005

+ 7 + 3

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Emil Luukkonen (09-03-1888 - 14-11-1952) Finnish composer

Emil Luukkonen
[Suomen Shakki 2/1948]

Emil Luukkonen acting in the film "Ihmiset suviyössä" (1948)

Emil Luukkonen was a theater director and actor. He was a founding member of the Finnish Chess Problemists Association. More details about his life can be read on Wikipedia or in Suomen Shakki 2/1948 where a small article was published in celebration of his 60th birthday and 3 problems by Leo Valve, Jan Hannelius and I. Mäkihovi were dedicated to him.

He started composing chess problems in 1934. He composed direct mates and selfmates and sometimes endgame studies.
A twomover theme bears his name.
Luukkonen theme: In the set play several thematic defences are answered by one and the same mate. After the key of the solution the same mate is a threat, while thematic defences are followed by new and different mates.

You can find below an example of his theme and a threemover.

Luukkonen, Emil
Skakbladet, 1950

#2 8 + 12

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Luukkonen, Emil
2nd HM, Suomen Shakkiliitto, 1936

#3 7 + 9

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