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March 8th

ვაჟა ნეიძე (08-03-1937 - 11-02-2020) Georgian composer and International Master (Vasha Neidze)

Vasha Neidze
[© Hannu Harkola]

Vasha Neidze was one of the current leading headmasters of terrific Georgian endgame school. He was one of the founders of the Georgian Chess Composition society in Tbilisi, together with Akobia, Kalandadze, Gurgenidze. His endgames always show artistic qualities, as we can admire in the following study:

Neidse, Wascha
Молодость Грузии 1983
1st Prize, Nadareishvili JT

+ 5 + 5

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Hans Ott (08-03-1890 - 16-06-1967) Swiss composer

Hans Ott was one of the leading Switzerland composers. He composed many beautiful problems, amongst which a classic will remain:

Ott, Hans
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1959
1st Prize

#7 6 + 8

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Edwin J. Eddy (08-03-1896 - 00-12-1970) British composer

Edwin Eddy published mainly twomovers in British sources.
One of his major successes, featuring in the FIDE Album, is a study on white batteries play:

Eddy, Edwin J.
West Sussex Gazette, 1930
1st Prize

#2* 9 + 7

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Ernő Szentgyörgyi (08-03-1906 - 1981) Hungarian composer

Ernő Szentgyörgyi

Ernő Szentgyörgyi was quite a prolific composer, specialized in #2 miniatures. A funny mutate, typical for his style is:

Szentgyörgyi, Ernő
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1933

#2* 5 + 2

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Lajos Bukovinszky (08-03-1914 - 04-08-1977) Romanian-Hungarian composer

Lajos Bukovinszky is a Romanian composer who invented the theme named after him. For the blog we selected a charming composition, featuring Forsberg twins:

Bukovinszky, Lajos
Romanian Championship, 1962
1st Place

h#2b) wRf7
c) wBf7
d) wSf7
e) wPf7
5 + 3
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Gerhard Ohlerich (08-03-1921) German composer

Gerhard Ohlerich is specialized in moremovers miniatures, often Rex Solus. For the blog a nice threemover:

Ohlerich, Gerhard
Die Welt, 1987 (1416)

#3b) Move b2 c4
c) Move b2 d4
d) Move b2 e4
e) Move b2 g4
5 + 1

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Adolf Ender (08-03-1935) German composer

Adolf Ender is also fond of miniatures with mate nets building. A nice example for otb chess players is the following fourmover:

Ender, Adolf
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 1999

#4     b) wKe6
           c)=b) - wSg6
      4 + 1

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Rosario Notaro (08-03-1956) Italian composer

Rosario Notaro
[Thanks to Ján Golha]

Rosario Notaro is an Italian composer with predilection for light positions. We liked the following twomover with two changed mates:

Notaro, Rosario
JT Bikos, 1976

#2* 4 + 3

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Алексей Мефодиевич Беленький (08-03-1905 - 15-06-1986) Russian composer (Alexey Mefodievich Belenky)

Alexey Belenky

Alexey Belenky was a pianist and an endgame study composer. You can find his biography in Russian by V. Neishtadt here on ШАХМАТИСТАМ.РФ. He also has a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Беленький, Алексей Мефодьевич
Третье командное первенство СССР 1960
1st Place

+ 8 + 5

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