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March 8th

ვაჟა ნეიძე (08-03-1937) Georgian composer and International Master (Vasha Neidze)

Vasha Neidze
[Y.Akobia's website]

Vasha Neidze is one of the current leading headmasters of terrific Georgian endgame school. His endgames always show artistic qualities, as we can admire in the following study:

Neidse, Wascha
Молодость Грузии 1983
1st Prize, Nadareishvili JT

+ 5 + 5

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Hans Ott (08-03-1890 - 16-06-1967) Swiss composer

Hans Ott was one of the leading Switzerland composers. He composed many beautiful problems, amongst which a classic will remain:

Ott, Hans
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1959
1st Prize

#7 6 + 8

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Edwin J. Eddy (08-03-1896 - 00-12-1970) British composer

Edwin Eddy published mainly twomovers in British sources.
One of his major successes, featuring in the FIDE Album, is a study on white batteries play:

Eddy, Edwin J.
West Sussex Gazette, 1930
1st Prize

#2* 9 + 7

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Ernő Szentgyörgyi (08-03-1906 - 1981) Hungarian composer

Ernő Szentgyörgyi

Ernő Szentgyörgyi was quite a prolific composer, specialized in #2 miniatures. A funny mutate, typical for his style is:

Szentgyörgyi, Ernő
Magyar Sakkvilág, 1933

#2* 5 + 2

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Lajos Bukovinszky (08-03-1914 - 04-08-1977) Romanian-Hungarian composer

Lajos Bukovinszky is a Romanian composer who invented the theme named after him. For the blog we selected a charming composition, featuring Forsberg twins:

Bukovinszky, Lajos
Romanian Championship, 1962
1st Place

h#2b) wRf7
c) wBf7
d) wSf7
e) wPf7
5 + 3
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Gerhard Ohlerich (08-03-1921) German composer

Gerhard Ohlerich is specialized in moremovers miniatures, often Rex Solus. For the blog a nice threemover:

Ohlerich, Gerhard
Die Welt, 1987 (1416)

#3b) Move b2 c4
c) Move b2 d4
d) Move b2 e4
e) Move b2 g4
5 + 1

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Adolf Ender (08-03-1935) German composer

Adolf Ender is also fond of miniatures with mate nets building. A nice example for otb chess players is the following fourmover:

Ender, Adolf
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 1999

#4     b) wKe6
           c)=b) - wSg6
      4 + 1

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Rosario Notaro (08-03-1956) Italian composer

Rosario Notaro
[Thanks to Ján Golha]

Rosario Notaro is an Italian composer with predilection for light positions. We liked the following twomover with two changed mates:

Notaro, Rosario
JT Bikos, 1976

#2* 4 + 3

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