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March 31st

Harry Vigo Tuxen (31-03-1889 - 10-05-1968) British-Austrian composer

Harry Tuxen was one of the Good Companions. His style in twomovers can best be seen in this first prize in the 1919 Meredith tourney or in this black S wheel.
We selected an interesting threemover:

Tuxen, Harry Viggo
Skakbladet, 1930
1st Prize

#3 9 + 8

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Pascal di Scala (31-03-1907 - 29-11-1996) French composer

Pascal di Scala is a regretted twomover composer who initiated some composers into this art. He composed many successful problems with friend Jean-Pierre Boyer.

Di Scala, Pascal
Concours Monréal 1976-77
2nd Prize

#2 13 + 11

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Paul H. Wiereyn (31-03-1936) Dutch composer

Paul H. Wiereyn is a Dutch chess problem composer and chess solving engine programmer. He is also the author of a free Sudoku program and of a Windows Graphical User Interface APwin for Ilkka Blom's chess problem solving engine Alybadix [and for Popeye too - see here (updated 05.04.2012)].
Instead of his interesting s#4 Maximummer with Grasshoppers presenting the Babson task (with unfortunate dual in the Grasshopper variation) we preferred to present his more classical twomover with changed mates :

Wiereyn, Paul H.
Probleemblad, 1974
1st Prize

#2 vv 11 + 10

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Ivan Jarolin (31-03-1954) Slovak composer

Ivan Jarolin

His website presents chess columns from Slovakia and many problems.

Jarolín, Ivan
Nedeľná Pravda, 1974

#2  8 + 9

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Halvar Hermanson (31-03-1905 - 03-02-1991) Swedish composer

Halvar Hermanson
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Halvar Hermanson was a twomover composer who won many prizes during his long career from the 1930s to the 80s. Die Schwalbe mentioned his 100th birthday in 2005.

Hermanson, Halvar
FIDE-Turnier, 1959
2nd Prize

#2  9 + 12

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  1. Ivan Jarolin is an IT specialist.
    Many problems from computer`s Stone Age is grateful to him for it`s todays life.
    Happz bitrthday, Ivan