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March 10th

Stuart Shirley Blachburne (10-03-1857 - 05-08-1934) New Zealander composer

In this Otago Witness tourney, Blachburne won also the 1st prize, but the 3rd prize is funnier to solve:

Blachburne, Stuart Shirley
Otago Witness, 1899
3rd Prize

#2 7 + 6

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Richard Grewe (10-03-1887 - 10-05-1976) German composer

Something more logical:

Grewe, Richard
Die Schwalbe, Sep 1949

#4 6 + 11

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Вячеслав Константинович Вишневский (10-03-1918) Russian composer (Viacheslav Konstantinovich Vishnievsky)

Вишневский, Вячеслав Константинович
«64» 1968 (25/76)
4th Comm.

#2 7 + 8

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Josef Kupper (10-03-1932 - 05-06-2017) Swiss composer and otb IM

Josef Kupper and Roland Baier, Halkidiki 2004

Josef Kupper earned his IM title in 1955. He was Swiss otb Champion in 1954, 1957 and 1962. He played in the 1959 interzonal in Zurich (against Tal, Fischer and Keres). If you are curious, check his games here.

As wrote Thomas Maeder on Mat Plus forum:
Rather than pursuing professional chess, he opted for a career as an actuarian; he ended up being vice-CEO of one of Switzerland's biggest insurance companies.
His 1st prize #8 in the Schwalbe miniature tourney 1957 is among the best moremover miniatures of all times.
After his retirement, he resumed problem chess, with had remarkable success, in particular if his diminishing eyesight is taken into consideration. He and his wife also attended a number of WCCCs, where he solved for the Swiss team.
He was awarded the OTB IM title in 1955 and the solving FM title in 2007 - 52 years between titles may be a world record.
Josef Kupper composed in all genres - direct mates, selfmates or helpmates.

Kupper, Josef
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1987
1st Prize

#3 6 + 8

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Kupper, Josef
The Problemist, Jan 2009 (H3222)

h#22 solutions 4 + 9

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Ralf Chris Handloser (10-03-1949) Swiss composer

Chris Handloser, Halkidiki 2004

Chris Handloser composes mostly direct mates in 2 or 3 moves. but glorious exceptions can be found. Can you find the common theme between them?

Handloser, Ralf Chris & Stucker, Bruno
Olympia-Turnier, 1982
2nd Prize

#4 16 + 4

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His recent success at WCCC Crete 2010 was a successful incursion in the field of helpmates:

Handloser, Ralf Chris
TT Crete, 2010

h# 12 + 9

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Анатолий Яковлевич Кириченко (10-03-1955 - 08-08-2021) Russian composer (Anatoly Yakovlevich Kirichenko)

Кириченко, Анатолий Яковлевич
Shakhmatnaya Poeziya, 2004

h#62.1.1... 2 + 13

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Mubariz Safarov (10-03-1965) Azerbaijani composer (Мубариз Сафаров)

Mubariz Safarov
Grigory Popov

Mubariz Safarov started composing in 2004 and had a special achievement one year later, since the problem below was selected for the FIDE Album 2004-2006.

Safarov, Mubariz
Die Schwalbe, 2005
3rd Comm.

#3  11 + 13

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