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March 23rd

Adolf Herrmann Rudolf Ferdinand Kraemer (23-03-1898 - 25-06-1972) German composer

Ado Kraemer
‎"Die Schwalbe", Januar/März 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Adolf Herrmann Rudolf Ferdinand Kraemer, better known as Ado Kraemer, was specialized in logical three- and moremovers. He published with his very close friend Erich Zepler two remarkably chosen and commented collections of problems: "Im Banne des Schachproblems" in 1951 and "Problemkunst im 20. Jahrhundert" in 1957.
When you learn that Zepler was a Jew and migrated to England in 1935, while Kraemer was an SS (SS-Obersturmführer), as Anders Thulin says, "it seems to make his cooperation with Zepler at the time even more remarkable."
Some information here.

Kraemer, Adolf Herrmann Rudolf Ferdinand & Zepler, Erich Ernest
Die Schwalbe, Jul 1952
1st Prize

#3 7 + 8

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Kraemer, Adolf Herrmann Rudolf Ferdinand & Zepler, Erich Ernest
Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1933
1st Prize

#4 7 + 2

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Kraemer, Adolf Herrmann Rudolf Ferdinand
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1936

#3 6 + 1

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Břetislav Soukup-Bardon (23-03-1909 - 01-10-1985) Czech composer and International Judge

Břetislav Soukup-Bardon composed about 80 problems and 150 studies. The above photograph of him was copied from this article by Tomáš Zach where more information about this composer can be found.

Soukup-Bardon, Břetislav
Göteborgs-Posten, 1952
3rd Prize

#3 6 + 7

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Helmut Rößler (23-03-1925) German composer

Helmut Rößler has composed about 150 problems and has a preference for miniatures and double stalemates (==). One example of == below:

Rößler, Helmut
Feenschach, 1973
1st Prize

h==9d3: Grasshopper
b) Move g3 g2
8 + 4

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Игорь Алексеевич Половодин (23-03-1955 - 22-06-2005) Russian composer (Igor Alekseyevich Polovodin)

Igor Polovodin

Igor Polovodin was a renowned trainer from the Vologodsky District who successively served Anatoly Karpov, Valery Salov, Andrei Sokolov and Gata Kamsky. He also wrote a book about chess composition in his region "Шахматная композиция на Вологодчине".
He composed a study in collaboration with Vladimir Katsnelson:

Кацнельсон, Владимир Ильич & Половодин, Игорь Алексеевич
Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya, 1995
5th Prize

+ 5 + 4

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