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March 26th

Рафаэль Моисеевич Кофман (26-03-1909 - 20-12-1988) Russian-Romanian composer and International Master (Rafael Moiseevich Kofman)

Rafael Kofman visiting Dnepropetrovsk's composers, 1958
Rafael Kofman sitting and facing the chess board;
sitting right, F. Bondarenko; behind Kofman, V.Rudenko and V.Chepizhnyi
from Sergey Tkachenko's article on

Rafael Kofman in 1963
published in «Шахматы в СССР», March 1984;
reproduced by Valery Surkov on his blog

Rafael Kofman was born in Bessarabia in 1909. Rafael Kofman was the editor of the chess problems column in Soviet magazine "Chess in the USSR". He composed mostly direct mates in the logical and strategical style and also studies.

He is the author of "Selected compositions" published in 1985 as well as of numerous other works: "Shakhmatnaya zadatsya" with Umnov in 1951, "Sovietsky shakhmatnyi etyud" in 1955 with Kazantsev and Liburkin, a collection of Loyd's problems in 1960, "Shakhmatnaya kompozitsiya 1974-76" in 1978, the integral works of GM Loshinsky with Vladimirov and Umnov in 1980, "Izbrannye etyudy" the collection of Kaminer and Liburkin's endgame studies in 1981, etc.

He was also an International Judge in chess composition and a player (in a simul game he defeated Capablanca in 23 moves in 1935 and lost against Smyslov in 1942).

Кофман, Рафаэль Моисеевич
Revista Română de Şah, 1928

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Klaus Funk (26-03-1929) German composer

Thanks to Vaclav Kotesovec, you may read an article by Klaus Funk "Meine Problemschach-Favoriten" with more than 1000 problems and another article "AUW Duplex Stalemates".
Klaus Funk loves ideal / model mates and promotions.

Funk, Klaus
Problemkiste 12th T.T. Dec 1994
1st Place

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Reino Niilo Imanuel Heiskanen (26-03-1931 - 18-09-2007) Finnish composer

Reino Heiskanen (2nd left) in 2002 together with other Finnish composers

Reino Heiskanen
[© Hannu Harkola]

Reino Heiskanen is best known for his studies and selfmates.

Heiskanen, Reino Niilo Imanuel
Buletin Problemistic, 1999 (71/3288)
1st Prize, 1998-1999

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