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September 30th

Hieronymus Fischer (30-09-1843 - 08-01-1927) German composer

Hieronymus Fischer wrote with W.A. Shinkman "Humor im schach" (1904) a compilation of 160 problems, of which many selfmates.

Fischer, Hieronymus
Bamberger Schachklub, 1903

s#3 12 + 4

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Adolf Norlin (30-09-1858 - 15-08-1921) Swedish composer

Adolf Norlin was a chess player and composer of direct mates and selfmates.

Norlin, Adolf
Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 1889
1st Prize

#3 9 + 9

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Karel Musil (30-09-1865 - 05-04-1926) Czech composer

Karel Musil
[Ceskoslovenska Republika 11-04-1926]

Dr. Karel Musil, whose short obituary can be read in Ceskoslovenska Republika 11-04-1926, composed direct mates.
He is probably the only chess composer who died falling from the Great Pyramid in Giza.
Musil, Karel
Шахматный журнал 1894
1st Prize

#3 7 + 8

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Jan A. Rusek (30-09-1910 - 09-02-1987) Polish composer and International Master

Jan Rusek
[Problem 83-86, 1962, page 194]

Jan Rusek composed more than 1,000 problems and asserted his talent in selfmates. He was interested in pawns and promotions: black AUW in this s#3 or white promotions in this s#3 and in echo mates (his 1st Prize in the Pauly MT, 1938-39).
He was an International Judge for selfmates.

Rusek, Jan A.
Problemnoter, 1957
1st Prize

s#5 12 + 8

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Richard Kenneth Guy (30-09-1916 - 09-03-2020) British-Canadian composer

Richard Kenneth Guy

Richard Guy is a mathematician and he is the G from the 'GBR' code used for classifying studies. He composes studies.

Guy, Richard Kenneth
Le Probleme, 1939

+ 4 + 5

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Daniel De Irezabal (30-09-1927) Spanish composer

Daniel De Irezabal composes helpmates.

De Irezabal, Daniel
Boletim da UBP, 1992
1st HM, 1992-1993

h#33 solutions 5 + 13

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Yoel and Hillel Aloni (30-09-1937) Israeli composers

Hillel Aloni, 2009

Yoel Aloni, 2009

Identical twin brothers Yoel (30-09-1937 - 09-09-2019) and Hillel (30-09-1937 - 26-05-2017) Aloni were both composers. While Hillel composed studies, Yoel was more a problem composer. Hillel obtained the title of FIDE Master.
To celebrate their 75th birthday, a composing tourney was organized by the Israeli association for chess composition: of course it requires twin studies.

Hillel's first published chess problem was a helpmate in two and was recalled by Avital Pilpel on his blog.
In The Problemist March 2012 page 373 Yochanan Afek reminded that the Aloni brothers "were highly instrumental in bringing up generations of Israeli composers mainly through their studies and problem columns in the monthly Shahmat and the periodical Variantim. [Yochanan Afek himself] owes a great deal to his dedicated youth mentors and patient guides in the minefields of chess composition."

Aloni, Hillel & Aloni, Yoel
Israel Ring Tourney, 1978
2nd Honorable Mention

+ 4 + 3

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Вадим Константинович Винокуров (30-09-1953 - 07-05-2018) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Vadim Konstantinovich Vinokurov)

Vadim Vinokurov
[Grigory Popov]

Vadim Vinokurov composes direct mates and helpmates. He was granted the FIDE Master title during the last WFCC congress at Kobe.
He also edits a problem column in the newspaper "Иваново - Вознесенск". Several of his problems are quoted on Grigory Popov's site such as this cyclic Zilahi helpmate in two.

Винокуров, Вадим Константинович
MT V.Archakov, 2009
2nd Prize

h#32 solutions 3 + 12

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Винокуров, Вадим Константинович
ЮК В.Желтоножко-55, Уральские юбиляры 1997
3rd Prize

#3 5 + 2

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Alain Pallier (30-09-1962) French composer

Alain Pallier

Alain Pallier is a study composer. He co-authored with Harrie Grondijs a book about R+S studies in 1994: "Knights Ahead!" He is also interested in chess history, especially concerning studies composers, and has written many articles in "Europe-Echecs" and in "EG".
He published many Kings and Pawns studies, but he chose 'heavier' material in his recent successes
Many of his studies are shown, of course, on JMRW's site.

Here is a simpler one:

Pallier, Alain
Československý šach, 2006 (3/18)
4th Prize

+ 3 + 3

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Pallier, Alain
FIDE Olympic Tournament, 2012
2nd Prize

+ 6 + 3

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