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September 3rd

William Marks (03-09-1880 - 07-1947) Irish composer

William Marks composed direct mates.

Marks, William
777 Chess Miniatures in Three, 1908

#3 6 + 1

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Wladimir Naef (03-09-1919 - 16-06-2006) Swiss composer

Wladimir Naef
[SSZ 1977, page 23]

Wladimir Naef was a good player and one of the founders of the Swiss association of chess problemists "Schweizerische Vereinigung von Kunstschachfreunden". He edited the endgame study column of the "Schweizerische Schachzeitung" from 1956 during 23 years.
He composed mostly helpmates.

Naef, Wladimir
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1992

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Luigi Bühler (03-09-1921 - 20-09-2004) Swiss composer

Luigi Bühler composed mostly moremovers.

Bühler, Luigi
Schweizerische Schachzeitung

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Stelian Lambă (03-09-1936 - 13-06-2018) Romanian composer

Stelian Lambă composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates. He was also the editor of the Romanian magazine "Euxinus Pontus".

Lambă, Stelian
Buletin Problemistic, 1970
3rd Prize

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Виктор Львович Капуста (03-09-1948) Ukrainian composer and International Master (Viktor Lvovich Kapusta)

Viktor Kapusta

Viktor Kapusta is a renowned moremover composer.

Капуста, Віктор Львович
Phénix, 1994
1st Prize

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Süleyman Abdullayev (03-09-1967) Azerbaijani composer (Сулейман Абдуллаев)

Süleyman Abdullayev
[Grigory Popov]

Süleyman Abdullayev composes direct mates and according to Grigory Popov has composed 100 problems.

Abdullayev, Süleyman
МК Я.Смушкевич-110, 2012
Special Prize

#2v v 3 + 3

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原 亜津夫 (03-09-1970) Japanese composer (Atsuo Hara)

Atsuo Hara
[Thanks to Tadashi Wakashima]

Atsuo Hara is a talented tsumeshogi and chess problem composer. He composes in all genres. You can see for instance this prizewinning selfmate on the PDB server or this elegant helpstalemate:

Hara, Atsuo
Die Schwalbe (234) 2008
2nd Prize

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