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September 25th

Frans Hansson (25-09-1887 - 28-08-1968) Swedish composer

Frans Hansson composed mainly heterodox problems but also direct mates such as this interesting 5-mover which was retained in the FIDE Album 1914-1944. Frans Hansson was also mentioned by "The Games and Puzzles Journal #16 vol.2" in 1999 as a contributor of numerous articles to "Fairy Chess Review" on 'dissections and tours and other topics'.

Hansson, Frans
Svenska Dagbladet, 1932 (1182)

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André Chéron was not born on September 25th, 1895, but on September 26th. Moved to the 26-09 post.

Edgard J. Tchélébi (25-09-1928 - 04-05-1963) Lebanese composer

Edgard Tchélébi
[Die Schwalbe Fragebogen 1960 page 251]

Edgard J.Tchélébi was a chess player and direct mate composer. He composed his first problem in 1954 and his prefered theme was the Hamburg theme in threemovers.

Tschelebi, Edgard J.
Europe-Echecs, 1963

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Νίκος Σιώτης (25-09-1929 - 14-01-1997) Greek composer and FIDE Master (Nikos Siotis)

Nikos Siotis composed direct mates and helpmates but achieved major successes with helpmates.
Emmanuel Manolas paid homage to him in 2009 on his blog.

Siotis, Nikos
Boletim da UBP, 1992
1st Prize, 1992-1993

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Siotis, Nikos
Thessaloniki-2300 JT, 1988
1st Prize, 1986-1988

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Iver Iversen (25-09-1857 - 18-08-1924) Danish composer

Iver Iversen composed direct mates, mostly threemovers. He published most of them in "Nationaltidende" and preferred problems with little material on the board.
Some of his works were quoted by Jespersen in the Danish problem anthology "320 danske Opgaver". P. Toft published an article about him in Aarsskriftet 1943.

Iversen, Iver
Nationaltidende, 1898

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