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September 7th

September 7th is François André Danican Philidor's birthday.

Johannes Hermann Zukertort (07-09-1842 - 20-06-1888) Polish player and composer

Johannes Zukertort

Johannes Zukertort was one of the best players of the 1870s and 1880s and more details about his actual achievements can be found on Wikipedia.
He composed just a handful of problems, among which this trifle:

Zukertort, Johannes Hermann
The Westminster Papers, 1874

#3  7 + 8

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Creassey Edward Cecil Tattersall (07-09-1877 - 26-10-1957) British composer

Tattersall was a strong chess player. He gave up chess to become an expert on oriental and British carpets (see "The carpets of Persia: a book for those who use and admire them", 1931) and a curator at the Victoria and Albert museum on Kensington (source).
In 1910, he wrote "A Thousand Endgames, volume 1", the first English-language book dedicated to endgames only (volume II in 1911). Unfortunately the compilation did not indicate the sources of the studies. John D. Beasley presented some foreign (non-British) Tattersall studies in BESN 42 and BESN 43.

Here is a didactic study by Tattersall:

Tattersall, Creassey Edward Cecil
The British Chess Magazine, 1909 (36)

+  3 + 3

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Eugen Forst, alias Gino Forst von Moellwitz (07-09-1901 - 1991) German composer

Gino von Moellwitz composed direct mates.
He was also the author of some 'colonial books' (Kolonialbücherei); a list of his works can be seen here and a short biography here.

Von Moellwitz, Gino Forst
Die Schwalbe, Sep 1965

#5  12 + 7

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Nenad Petrović (07-09-1907 - 09-11-1989) Croatian composer and Grandmaster

Nenad Petrović

Nenad Petrović composed more than 650 problems in all genres. He was also an International Judge, the President of the 'Problems' section of FIDE from 1958 to 1964.
He was the founder of "Problem", the magazine of this section, which he directed from 1951 until its last issue in 1981, the problems editor of the magazine "Sahovski vjesnik" from 1951 until 1959, and the author of a book dedicated to chess composition, "Sahovski problem".
And he was World champion for solving in 1947 and the creator of the "Codex of chess composition".

Petrović, Nenad
Volksgazet, 1952
1st Prize

#2 vv  9 + 9

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Petrović, Nenad
Шахматы в СССР 1959
2nd Prize

#4  4 + 2

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Petrović, Nenad
Die Schwalbe, 1967
1st Prize

#4  4 + 8

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Petrović, Nenad
4th TT, problem (Zagreb) 1954
1st-2nd Prize

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