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September 12th

Roland Lecomte (12-09-1925 - 02-10-2016) French composer

Roland Lecomte & Jean Morice

Roland Lecomte was the editor of the chess column of the newspaper "Combat". He is an International Judge and a chess journalist for AFP.

Lecomte, Roland
StrateGems, 1999

h#34.1.1... 4 + 14

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Пётр Л. Макаренко (12-09-1927) Russian composer (Pyotr L. Makarenko)

Pyotr Makarenko composes direct mates and selfmates.

Макаренко, Пётр Л.
Mat-Pat, 1993
3rd HM

s#2 8 + 12

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Валерій Володимирович Копил (12-09-1957) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster (Valery Volodimirovich Kopyl)

Valery Kopyl

Valery Kopyl composes direct mates, selfmates and helpmates. He is also Grandmaster for solving. His website can be found here.
Valery Kopyl will be present at the World Chess Composing Congress this week, as every year.

Копил, Валерій Володимирович
BIT, 2008 (983)
3rd Prize

h#2               4.1...
          7 + 10

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Ladislav Packa (12-09-1958) Slovak composer and FIDE Master

Ladislav Packa, Marianka 2011
[Marianka 2011 Bulletin, thanks Dieter]

Ladislav Packa composes direct mates. He has become International Judge in 2017.

Packa, Ladislav
Match: Czechoslovakia - Israel, 1992
1st Place

#2 13 + 10

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Андрей Евгеньевич Спирин (12-09-1961) Russian composer (Andrey Evgenyevich Spirin)

Andrey Spirin composes direct movers. He is interested in strategic combinations with promoted pieces.

Спирин, Андрей Евгеньевич
The Problemist, 2005
2nd Prize

#4 10 + 12

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Александр Михайлович Михолап (12-09-1970) Belarusian composer (Aleksandr Mikhailovich Mikholap)

A.Mikholap, Poltava 2007

Aleksandr Mikholap composes in direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.
He will be present at the World Chess Composing Congress this week, as every year.

Михолап, Александр Михайлович
Информ-прогулка (Лунінец) 2003
3rd-4th Prize

#5 11 + 9

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A recent success of the Belarusian team let by Aleksandr Mikholap:

Михолап, Александр Михайлович & Булавка, Александр Геннадьевич & Волчек, Виктор Фёдорович
1st Place

s#3 vvv 13 + 13

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Bojan Vučković (12-09-1980) Serbian composer

Bojan Vučković

Bojan Vučković is o.t.b. Grandmaster and also solving Grandmaster. He composes occasionally.

Vučković, Bojan
13.Sabra TT, 2010
5th HM

7 + 10

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