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January 9th

Baruch Lender (09-01-1913 - 25-02-1994) Israeli composer

Biographical information about Baruch Lender can be found in "Lender combination: Baruch Lender and His Chess Problems" written by a trio of Israeli composers: Uri Avner, Paz Einat and Yoel Aloni and also on this webpage dedicated to Baruch Lender, the Lender combination and the book itself.

Lender, Baruch
UV CSZTV, 1979
3rd HM

#2* v             10 + 9

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The Lender combination is a sort of mix of Salazar and (pseudo) le Grand:
1. A? [2.B]
1...a(b) 2.C(D)#
1.C! [2.D]
1...a(b) 2.A(B)#

The curious reader may refer to the book "Lender combination: Baruch Lender and His Chess Problems" by Uri Avner, Paz Einat and Yoel Aloni.

Eugene Albert (09-01-1930) American composer and editor

Albert, Eugene
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1984
1st Prize

h#3.5      2.1... 3 + 3

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Eugene Albert is the editor of the Ideal Mate Review and is the author of the "Ideal Mate Encyclopedia" in two volumes.

Kenneth Solja (09-01-1957) Finnish composer

Solja, Kenneth
ST Turku 10 Jubileum Tourney, 1991
1st Prize

          h#3      2.1...    4 + 5
b) Sb7 <->Rd3
c) + Rb7<->Pe2
d) + Kd5<->Kd7

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Kornelis Thomas Boersma (09-01-1891 - ?) Dutch composer

Boersma, Kornelis Thomas
Lunds Dagblad, 1947
3rd Prize

#2* 9 + 11

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Elof Wikström (09-01-1902 - 06-03-1991) Swedish composer

Elof Wikström
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Wikström, Elof
W.Pauly Memorial 1976-1978
3rd Prize

2 + 3

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Юрий Викторович Рослов (09-01-1963 - 28-02-2015) Russian composer (Yuri Viktorovich Roslov)

Yuri Roslov

Yuri Roslov was a geophysicist. His obituary can be found here.
He composed about 40 studies, as mentioned by Yochanan Afek in his studies column in The Problemist, September 2015.

Рослов, Юрий Викторович
Katsnelson-64 JT 2000
1st-4th Prize

+ 5 + 6

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