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January 11th

Friedrich Hariuc (11-01-1937) Romanian composer living in Germany

Hariuc, Friedrich
9342 feenschach 01-08/2006

h#3 4 + 2

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Denis Blondel (11-01-1956 - 21-06-2012) French composer and editor (Phénix)

Denis Blondel with Pauli Perkonoja
[© Hannu Harkola]

Blondel, Denis & Loustau, Jean-Marc
1st Prize
TT1 Phenix 1989-1991
#4f8: Nightrider
c7, a6, b4, h4, b1, d1, f1: Locust
10 + 14

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Joseph Juchli (11-01-1847 - 02-01-1905) Swiss composer

Joseph Juchli
Source: ["J. Juchli's Schachprobleme"]

Joseph Juchli was a remarkable direct mate composer. His chess compositions have been commented by Moritz Henneberger and Alain C. White in "J. Juchli's Schachprobleme" (1908). The book can be read and downloaded on the website of the Swiss Chess Problemists or here.

Juchli, Joseph
Augsburger Abendzeitung 1885

#4 8 + 11

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