Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd

Branko Atanacković (02-01-1928 - 14-03-1992) Serb composer

Živa Tomić & Branko Atanacković
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Atanacković, Branko & Abdurahmanović, Fadil
Probleemblad, 1963

h#4b) Add white Bf6
c) Add white Rf6
4 + 12
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Alberto Witte (02-01-1910) Brazilian composer

Witte, Alberto
Brasilien-Meisterschaft, 1957
2nd Place

#3 5 + 4

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Here a recent helpmate by Alberto Witte on PDB.

Julius Dohrn-Lüttgens (02-01-1893 -?) German composer

Biographical details can be found in Die Schwalbe, 01-03.1968 pg.3.

Julius Dohrn-Lüttgens
[Chess problems, HathiTrust Digital Library]

Dohrn-Lüttgens, Julius
Dedicated to H.P.Rehm
FEENSCHACH, 08-09/1960
2nd Prize

h#34 solutions 7 + 4

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Dohrn-Lüttgens, Julius
Dedicated to A.H.Kniest
769 FEENSCHACH 08/1951
h#42 solutions 12 + 9

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Nərminə Ruzicəng (02-01-1986) Azerbaijani composer (Narmina Ruzijang)

Narmina Ruzijang is a chess player, coach and composer. She composes direct mates. More information can be found on together with three of her problems.

Ruzicəng, Nərminə
Фомичёв, Евгений Васильевич

MT E.Yusupov-95 2015
2nd Prize

#2vv 7 + 5

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Николай Семёнович Иванов (02-01-1914 - 15-10-2000) Russian composer (Nikolay Semenovich Ivanov)

Nikolay Ivanov

Nikolay Ivanov was a twomover and threemover composer. He offers the peculiarity of having been awarded in both Isayev Memorial Tourneys in 1933 and in 2000.
More information about his life and career can be found in Russian on or here together with five of his best problems.

Иванов, Николай Семёнович
1st Prize
70 лет Вооруженным силам СССР, 1988

#3 10 + 8

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